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Does the ‘Vampire Facelift’ Really Work?

Andrew | March 26, 2013 | Posted in Facelift

As a marketing term, “vampire facelift” is loaded, and has attracted much media attention, with reality star Kim Kardashian having recently undergone the procedure, and countless daytime TV shows covering its emergence as the latest cosmetic trend. But what exactly is a vampire facelift? And what science lies behind its seemingly faddish appeal?

The premise of a vampire facelift is to take a sample of blood from an individual and use it to create ‘platelet rich plasma’ or PRP, which has been used for some years to treat sports injuries and orthopedic problems. Proponents of PRP say it promotes the production of wound-healing substances by stimulating natural proteins like collagen, which can supposedly aid facial rejuvenation and present a younger appearance.

Vampire facelift in New York – how does it work?

As the trendiest new facial rejuvenation treatment out there (and recently included in the Oscar goodie bag), the vampire facelift is gathering steam in the major cities of America. But those interested in a vampire facelift in New York or Los Angeles may wonder exactly what the procedure entails.

The PRP itself is created using a standard blood sample, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red blood cells and plasma. The remaining, serum-like yellow substance is PRP. For a vampire facelift, most cosmetic surgeons combine the PRP with a traditional dermal filler like Restylane or Juvederm. The theory is that PRP helps the fillers last longer, with visible results kicking in within 8 weeks of the procedure.

However, some plastic surgeons doubt the efficacy of a vampire facelift. Of patients six months down the line after receiving treatment, Dr. Steven Davis has asked the question, “would you be able to tell they had PRP put in… we don’t know that yet.”

Despite cynicism from some corners of the medical community, patients who have undergone a vampire facelift in New York, Los Angeles and other major cities feel they have benefited from the work. One said she thought her face “looked much better” after the treatment.

No clinical trials as yet

Because it is a procedure and not a product, PRP injections are not required to meet FDA-approval, which makes it difficult to gauge their efficiency compared to dermal fillers on their own. Without legal pressure to run tests, no-one has run clinical trials on the procedure.

Other critics object to the use of the term ‘facelift’. According to purists, a surgical facelift is designed to address volume loss as well as wrinkling. It aims to lift and reshape, providing a more permanent effect that doesn’t need regular treatment.

For those that have already undergone the procedure, avoiding the knife was part of the appeal. Receiving injections – be they straight fillers or PRP-combinations – will always be preferable to some.

Skin treatments in NYC

If you’re looking for a vampire facelift in New York, it’s essential to consult a highly-skilled plastic surgeon in order to establish the benefits and risks involved.

Based on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, Dr. Loeb has an international reputation for facial rejuvenation procedures, and has been named one of the top 10 cosmetic eye surgeons in the world. In addition to skin treatments in NYC,  Dr. Loeb performs a number of cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, liposuction, surgical facelifts and rhinoplasty.

To find out more about a vampire facelift or any other facial surgery cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. Loeb at 212-327-3700 to schedule a private conversation.

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