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7 Surprising Plastic Surgery Procedures

Ava Lawson | June 2, 2014 | Posted in Body, Facelift, Skin Care

Best Plastic Surgeons in NYC According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2013, and of those more than 13 million were considered “minimally invasive.”

Botox injections, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are on the rise, but so too are stranger procedures, as recently reported by Salon.  Among the weird and wacky plastic surgery procedures sought out by men and women, here are seven that are gaining in popularity.

What is the oddest plastic surgery?

  1. Dimple implants – No need to give the illusion of dimples with makeup, when your plastic surgeon can create the real thing. A small incision on the inside of the cheek is all that’s needed to make a natural looking indentation. This 30-minute procedure may keep you smiling all day long.
  2. Nipple lightening – Are your areola a shade too dark? A bit of bleaching cream in your doctor’s office can lighten this delicate skin. Apparently, nipple lightening is all the rage in Japan, whereas British gals turn to nipple tattooing to make theirs look larger and darker.
  3. Ear pointing and cropping – Ear cropping, which has been performed on certain dog breeds for years, is now being sought after by certain human patients as well.  This is often performed in conjunction with ear pointing surgery to give the ears an elf-like shape.
  4. Puffy eyes – American women have resorted to all sorts of creams, gels and surgeries to reduce the appearance of bags or puffiness under their eyes. South Korean women, on the other hand, view puffy eyes as a mark of beauty. Surgeons inject fat below the lower lid to achieve this effect.
  5. Iris implants – Colored contact lenses have been around for more than 20 years, allowing contact wearers to switch up their look with blue, aquamarine, hazel and green shades.  (And the scarier variety for Halloween.) Those seeking a more permanent solution can opt for iris implants, which were previously only used to help alleviate certain medical conditions.
  6. Palm lines – Love getting your fortune told by a palm reader, but want to change the direction of your fate?  New palm lines are easy as pie with the help of a few incisions from your surgeon. Salon ranks this as one of the more depressing cosmetic surgery procedures that is rising in popularity.

Best plastic surgeons in NYC

Consistently ranked among the top plastic surgeons in New York City, Dr. Thomas Loeb’s mission isn’t to pass judgment on patients, but to help guide them in the process of safe and healthy decision making.

These trending cosmetic surgery procedures may seem frivolous to many, but Manhattan’s best plastic surgeons make sure patients have realistic expectations and sound motivations for any type of treatment. Pointed ears or new palm lines may seem like a terrific idea today, but what about 10 or 15 years down the road? During a private consultation with Dr. Loeb, he will ask these and other in-depth questions to ensure patients are truly committed to their chosen procedure.

One of the first steps in any type of medical undertaking is seeking out a reputable, board-certified surgeon. To make an appointment with Dr. Loeb, we invite you to call 212-327-3700.

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