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Breast Reduction

Top Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Loeb performs breast enhancement procedures in his private surgical suite on NYC’s Upper East Side.

Women born with large breasts sometimes suffer an emotional and physical toll because of their endowments – from back, neck and shoulder pain, to chafing and rashes, to poor self image. For some, trendy clothes and age-appropriate styles rarely fit, and undergarments may be difficult to find.

Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, may be the solution to your physical discomfort and self-consciousness. Leading New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Loeb performs breast reduction in his Fifth Avenue private surgical suite.  During surgery, he removes excess skin, glandular tissues and fat from the breasts, shaping a more attractive and proportional silhouette. After reduction mammoplasty, your breasts will be less prominent, firmer, lighter and perkier.

Planning for breast surgery in NYC

Your breast reduction begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Loeb at his office on the Upper East Side Manhattan. During this planning session, you’ll discuss your reasons for surgery, as well as your goals for its outcome. Dr. Loeb will review your medical history, and will discuss your candidacy for surgery. Healthy nonsmokers are the best candidates for breast reduction surgery.

During your consultation, Dr. Loeb will also take your measurements, meticulously determining your skin laxity and elasticity, the degree of sag or droop (ptosis), breast volume, the position of your nipples and areolas, and also the symmetry of your breasts. With this information, he will recommend the best procedure for your desired results. The techniques used to achieve a minor breast reduction are different than those used for a dramatic reduction, which may include a breast lift, or nipple and areola repositioning. Dr. Loeb will select the method that best meets your expectations while requiring the fewest incisions.


For a small breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty with breast lift, Dr. Loeb will make small incisions around the nipple complex; this procedure is known as a circumareolar breast reduction, as it is done around the areola. For a dramatic reduction in size or when a pronounced breast lift is requested, Dr. Loeb will create a circular incision around the areola, as well as a limited horizontal incision beneath the breast and a vertical line down the lower pole.

For most women, the “lollipop” breast reduction is the most appropriate. During this procedure, Dr. Loeb will make an incision around the areola and a second, vertical incision in the lower pole of the breast. The lollipop breast reduction creates minimal scarring, and is therefore known alternately as a limited incision or short scar breast reduction. Most reduction mammoplasties take about four hours.


After your breast reduction, you will recover in a comfortable room and will be attended by a licensed registered nurse. Once you have fully awakened from surgery, you may go home with a family member. Dr. Loeb recommends that you take a full seven days off of work and physical activities for optimal recovery. If necessary, you may return to work and other everyday activities as soon as five days following your surgery.

Your sutures are dissolvable, so you will not need to visit the office for removal. On occasion, Dr. Loeb will insert drainage tubes, which must be removed within three to five days following your surgery. You will likely experience firm and full breasts, as well as swelling and bruising, for up to three weeks. Dr. Loeb will prescribe a special support bra for a period of three to five days, after which time you may switch to a snug sports bra. After three weeks, you may wear normal bras and bikini tops.

Approximately seven days following your surgery, Dr. Loeb will clear you to resume light exercise, such as walking, riding a stationary bicycle, or using an elliptical. For more strenuous exercise, a period of three weeks is recommended. Chest exercises may be resumed at six weeks post-surgery.

Approximately three months after your breast reduction, your breasts will reach their final size, feel and shape.

Related procedures in Manhattan

Breast reduction is often performed alone or with a breast lift. However, some women choose to combine this procedure with other breast surgery, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), facial rejuvenation, or liposuction.

Additionally, NYC men with enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) may choose to have male breast reduction surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about having breast reduction surgery in New York City, please call the office of Dr. Loeb at 212-327-3700 to schedule a private consultation.

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