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Watch this testimonial by 31 year old, Christine who broke her nose in high school during a basketball game. Dr. Loeb lowered the right dorsum, raised the columella, and revised the caudal feet to give her nose the look she always wanted.

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Video transcription:

Hi my name’s Christine and I did a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Loeb about six months ago. I broke my nose severely in high school during a basketball game when I was sixteen and I had to have three surgeries just trying to rebuild the left side of my nose. It was all more for functionality and not really cosmetic surgeries at all. My nose just never looked the same, so about a year ago I decided I wanted to have someone cosmetically fix my nose to make me more confident and comfortable and I went online and found about three doctors who I saw had great reviews and good patient feedback and Dr. Loeb was the first of those three that I came to see and walking in here was just like walking into my living room. It was so warm, so welcoming and then I met Dr Loeb and he was just so great, made me feel so comfortable and just an ease about him that just made me relax. He actually looked at my nose and said okay this is what you need, which I thought well he’s going to have to go in there and re-break something but he just had a very simple option for me that was less invasive than I thought, the recovery time was going to be less so I said oh this is great. So I met the rest of his staff, I met the anesthesiologist everyone was just so great. I decided to do it about a month later, came in here and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I mean I, they took such great care of me and he was such a skilled surgeon – he opened up my nose and said okay this is what you need, it was amazing what he did and I was so happy with it. Its been four or five months now and I could not be happier with the look of my nose and the overall experience.


Logo - Hair Design StationeryDear Dr. Loeb,

2nd February 2015.

One word to describe you and your work – GENIUS.

I am sure, I am like so many women who want to turn back the clock to reclaim their lost beauty, but they are terrified of the process.  Questioning: What will the surgical experience be like? How much pain will I endure? Could I die like Joan Rivers? What if I do not like the outcome?  It is a huge financial investment including time off work, is it worth it?  Gosh all these nagging questions. Should I? Or Should I NOT?

Well Dr. Loeb, contrary to my initial fears, this has been an extraordinary experience. From my consultation to the surgery and after care, who knew a face-lift would actually be a wonderful experience?

As you know, your entire team are 5 star and the nurses who took care of me post surgery were exceptional, they turned what I thought was going to be a painful experience into an amazing experience.  Virginia and Coreen more than nursed me. It felt like angels were floating around me, with love and compassion along with excellent professional care.

The morning of the surgery I was terrified, but you and your team very quickly made me very comfortable, you took me on a journey pre and post surgery that was extraordinary. PS the great medication certainly took me to a very happy relaxed place.  After the surgery I woke with a sense of peace that I have not felt in years.  All the worries and fears that previously nagged me all washed away.

At home the recovery time also has been a positive experience, to rest and follow your advice has paid off. To my amazement I could not believe how good I looked just 4 days after surgery!  Now at the two-week point I can easily and confidently go out in public looking great.  As I continue to heal each day I am happier than the day before with my rejuvenated face, and as you promised I have a very ‘natural face-lift’.

Dr. Loeb there is something else that is very important to share with you.  My husband, family and friends told me I was crazy! Saying “You do not need a face-lift!  In addition my sister told me I had self-esteem issues. My husband was terrified that he would loose his wife, and that I would look like some of the ‘scary face-lifts’ that you see walking along Madison Avenue in NYC.  How the tide turned, my husband now says; “I lost my wife but Dr. Loeb gave me back my girl friend” He and my close circle of friends say I look great!

I am in the beauty business working with top Models, I present on stages around the world and on camera. My audience is young and judgmental, so I need to look fresh and relevant for my market. I have found this quote by Pauline Frederick to be very true. “When a man gets up to speak, people listen then look. When a women gets up, people look: then, if they like what they see, they listen”. Therefore surgery this was not only a personal choice but also a wise professional decision.

Dr. Loeb I have the greatest respect for your surgical skills and aesthetic, thank you for helping me feel beautiful and more confident; you have added so much value to my life.

PS I hope you are not going to retiring any time soon!

With the greatest gratitude and admiration
Wishing you continued success and happiness,


Vivienne Mackinder


Viv’s world – I am the crazy redhead in the middle

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