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Inverted Nipple Correction

Patients with inverted nipples may suffer from embarrassment that interferes with personal relationships. Some women also find that inverted nipples prevent them from breastfeeding their children. This problem can be effectively addressed through inverted nipple correction, a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that helps the nipple to protrude from the breast. Nipple inversion surgery in NYC is available for both men and women who are uncomfortable with their appearance due to flat or depressed nipples.


During your personal consultation, NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Loeb will discuss your reasons for pursuing inverted nipples correction. He will take a thorough medical history and find out whether you plan to breastfeed in the future, since this may determine the best nipple inversion surgery for your needs. The degree of nipple inversion will also factor into the type of procedure Dr. Loeb recommends. Less severe nipple inversion may be addressed with a non-surgical procedure, while more pronounced cases of inversion may require both surgery and stents to help the nipples regain their proper shape and form.


Dr. Loeb performs inverted nipple correction surgery in NYC at his private surgical suite, using local anesthetic.  Ths involves a small incision around the areola, in which Dr. Loeb inserts a tiny instrument to release the ducts that are drawing the nipple inward. This procedure allows the nipple to protrude outward in a natural position. Dr. Loeb then places dissolvable sutures underneath the nipple to hold it into position. In some cases, small bolsters may also be inserted to hold the nipple’s position after the nipple inversion surgery is complete.


You will be advised to have someone drive you home and get plenty of rest for around 24 hours after the breast surgery. Most of Dr. Loeb’s patients return to work the day. Some pain and swelling is expected for a few days, which can easily be managed through over the counter pain medication. Results of the surgery will be seen right away and may improve somewhat over the next two to four weeks. Stitches will dissolve on their own within 10 days to two weeks. Dr. Loeb recommends that patients wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid tight-fitting bras and camisoles during that time.

Related Procedures

Other plastic surgery may be performed at the same time as inverted nipple correction. New York City residents may combine nipple inversion surgery with breast augmentation, breast reduction or a breast lift.

To learn more about the benefits of inverted nipples correction, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Loeb, contact Dr. Loeb’s office at 212-327-3700.

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    Inverted Nipple Correction


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