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Latest DIY Plastic Surgery Horror Story

Ava Lawson | July 8, 2014 | Posted in Body

Juvederm NYCBoth CNN and the Huffington Post ran a story on the dangers of DIY plastic surgery, and the potentially life-threatening consequences of cheap cosmetic procedures and fake beauty products. Forty-seven-year old Apryl Brown learned the hard way after attempting to amplify her self-described flat butt with silicone injections offered at cut-rate prices in the home of an acquaintance.

Brown told CNN she now considers herself a living example of what can happen when you’re not careful. In 2010, the Florida cosmetologist was rushed to the emergency room with a severe staph infection that ultimately spread throughout her system, eating away at her body. Doctors tried everything to save Brown’s life, and performed 27 surgeries, ultimately removing flesh around her hips and buttocks and amputating both her hands and lower legs.

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It turns out that the dermal filler that Brown was injected with was nothing more than an industrial-grade silicone commonly used as bathroom caulk. After receiving several injections, Brown watched in complete horror as her buttocks hardened and discolored, and the pain began to set in.  She was unable to sleep, eat or concentrate, as visible symptoms of necrosis became evident.

Brown’s story is becoming hauntingly familiar, and is part of what the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) labels a growing problem in today’s increasingly beauty-conscious society.

Grim DIY plastic surgery consequences for Apryl Brown and others

Apryl Brown is fortunate to be alive today, and recounts seeing her distorted limbs after her fake silicone injections. “Oh, my God. I am going to lose my hands. I looked at my feet, and they were dead, too.”  Now, after learning how to walk again with prosthetic legs, Brown is telling her story as a cautionary tale on the hazards of taking plastic surgery short cuts.

“All I would ask them to do is, when you have that first thought, make sure they have a second thought about it and do a little research. And if they still want to do it, go for it. They won’t be blindsided, saying, ‘Oh, my God, I had no idea that a simple procedure like that can leave me with no hands, no feet and no butt cheek,” Brown told CNN. She warns that people should do their research before making such a monumental decision like having fillers injected, or any type of cosmetic procedure.

Prospective patients need to educate themselves on the facts, such as which types of facial or dermal fillers are actually FDA-approved. As of 2014, there are only 21 such fillers, and they must all be administered by a plastic surgeon or a trained medical provider. Ordering such items online is too risky, as there is no true verification of their contents.

Dr. Richard Glogau, a professor of dermatology at the University of California, told CNN he’s noted a “disturbing trend” among a large number of patients getting botched facial injections overseas or self-administered from products ordered on the Internet.

One of his patients sought his treatment after she had a nurse inject a facial filler that she had purchased online from Brazil. Her cheeks later swelled up with angry red nodules and pus-filled pockets, requiring surgical intervention. Subsequent tests on the filler material found that it resembled fiberglass, explaining the patient’s adverse reaction.

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