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The Best New Plastic Surgery Procedures

Andrew | October 11, 2012 | Posted in Body

Cosmetic plastic surgeons around the world are constantly working to bring forward new technologies and procedures, in order to help make surgical and nonsurgical procedures safer and more affordable. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported doctors around the world performed a total of 13.1 million procedures in 2011, all in an effort to help people look and feel better about their appearance.  Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas W. Loeb stays at the forefront of all the latest trends and technological developments in the field.

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Top new plastic surgery procedures help all types of patients

As more and more people continue to reap the benefits of plastic surgery, doctors are becoming increasingly committed to developing and honing new plastic surgery procedures. The following is a list of breakthrough procedures developed in 2011.

Non-surgical fat removal: Unlike other fat removal procedures, this alternative to liposuction and other fat reduction techniques requires little downtime and no incisions. Surgeons may use radio frequencies, light energy and ultrasounds to help remove small amounts of unwanted fat.

Xeomin: Recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Xeomin competes with Botox and Dysport in helping to reduce wrinkles. This gives doctors more options in administering the products, which provides the best experience possible for the client.

Total eye rejuvenation: This technique takes what used to be a multi-step process and combines it into one procedure. The first step takes excess skin out of the eyelids and tightens the remaining skin, then applies an ointment to help decrease the presence of frown lines, along with a topical treatment to increase eyelash growth.

Fat-grafting breast augmentation: Surgeons are now able to take unwanted fat from various parts of the body, and to then insert it around the breasts to help increase thickness and fullness.

3-D imaging: This process offers a person a realistic 3-D image of what he or she will look like upon completion of the procedure. This helps patients determine whether to go forth with any particular procedure.

Manhattan plastic surgeon improves patient confidence and self-esteem

In New York City, Dr. Thomas Loeb keeps abreast of the newest technologies to ensure that his patients are subject to the best possible standard of care. Loeb is a prominent Manhattan plastic surgeon, and his patients respect him and praise his work. Patients who have worked with Dr. Loeb often report increased self-satisfaction, which may also impact other areas of one’s life, helping boost career success and offering an overall sense of increased confidence and self-value.

After a recent V-Y lip procedure, a technique that Dr. Loeb created, patient Ashley Acevedo said, “It has definitely brought up my level of self-esteem. I feel a lot better about myself.”

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To learn more about any of these body contouring procedures, or to determine whether such a procedure may be right for you, contact the Fifth Ave. office of Dr. Loeb at 212-327-3700 to arrange a private consultation for plastic surgery in NYC.

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