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Breast Augmentations vs Implants          

breast augmentations vs implants

Breast augmentations vs implants, the primary difference between a breast augmentation and breast implants is that a breast augmentation is a type of plastic surgery, whereas breast implants are medical devices The placement of breast implants is always done for breast augmentation or reconstruction purposes; however, breast augmentation doesn’t always involve the placement of breast implants, as there are other methods of achieving enlargement. If you’re thinking about having surgery to achieve a larger cup size, it’s important to visit a plastic surgeon who emphasizes the value of patient education. Your plastic surgeon should fully address your questions and concerns and help you understand the basics of the procedure and your options.

Breast augmentation or breast implants?

A breast augmentation is a plastic surgery performed to enable individuals to achieve a larger breast size. Many individuals choose to have this surgery in order to gain greater self-confidence and a more positive self-image. While many individuals are great candidates for this surgery, a plastic surgeon will have to determine this on a case-by-case basis. If you’re a good candidate for a breast augmentation, the next decision to make is how you wish to achieve a larger breast size.

The most popular way of achieving breast enlargement is with breast implants. These are medical devices that are placed into the breast to increase the size. There are different types of breast implants to choose from. For example, saline implants are filled with a sterile saline solution. The plastic surgeon inserts the empty silicone shell into the breast and then adds the proper amount of sterile saline to achieve the patient’s desired breast size. Saline implants have an excellent safety track record; however, there is a risk of rupture and sudden deflation. This is correctable with additional surgery.

Another way to achieve breast augmentation is with silicone breast implants. Silicone implants are made from silicone—a thick, viscous material that provides a natural feel to the breast. Many individuals prefer silicone implants because of this natural look and feel. Like saline implants, there is a risk of rupture; however, a rupture will not result in an immediate deflation. This means women may need imaging scans to determine if a rupture has occurred.

Still another option for achieving breast augmentation is the gummy bear implant. The gummy bear implant is also made from silicone. However, it’s a form-stable type of silicone that is less likely to spill if ruptured.

Are there other options for breast augmentation?

Yes. When considering the differences between breast augmentations vs implants, it’s also important to note that breast augmentation can be achieved without the placement of breast implants. Another option for breast enlargement is the use of autologous fat transfers or grafting. This method actually requires two different plastic surgeries.

First, the surgeon will perform liposuction on another area of the body, such as the hips, thighs, or abdomen. The surgeon will remove unwanted fat in those areas. Then, the harvested fat is processed and purified. This processed fat is then injected into the breasts to provide enlargement. Many individuals prefer the fat transfer method of breast augmentation because it’s more natural and does not require the placement of medical devices. However, you should be aware that the results may not last, as the fat can reabsorb back into the body over time.

Consulting a plastic surgeon in New York City

Once you have made the decision to move forward with breast enlargement, it’s essential to choose a plastic surgeon who has the right skills and qualifications. Dr. Thomas Loeb is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a long track record of helping his patients achieve extraordinary results. As a world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Loeb has served as a clinical instructor at Cornell University and has received numerous recognitions for his expertise.

Interested in breast augmentation in NYC? You can request a one-on-one, confidential consultation with Dr. Loeb at his Manhattan office. Special accommodations may be made for out-of-town patients, including virtual consults.

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