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A Look at the Plastic Surgery Celebrity Makeover

Andrew | January 29, 2014 | Posted in Body, Facelift

Many people find celebrities attractive, but some admire the features of certain superstars so much they opt for a plastic surgery celebrity makeover. Most may request the nose or eyes of a movie icon they adore, while others seek a total transformation — from head to toe. While plastic surgeons aren’t asked to perform such procedures every day, it’s not uncommon for patients to request them.

The New York Times article, “That Nose, That Chin, Those Lips,” recently reported on the trend of cosmetic surgery procedures to look like a celebrity, and the lengths patients take to change their appearances.

Plastic surgery celebrity makeover

The New York Times interviewed a man named Nino Dean, who had surgery to resemble Johnny Depp’s former flame, French beauty Vanessa Paradis 13 years ago.

Dean’s explanation for the transformation is simple, “I wanted her baby face,” he says. The 37 year-old says most people assume he’s in his mid-20’s, thanks to his cosmetic surgery.

Patients have gone under the knife to capture the look of countless celebrities, including Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt and Heather Locklear.

California resident Stacy Shanahan described her deep desire to look like former Baywatch babe Heather Locklear. “I know it sounds crazy, but I’d be happy being more like her,” Ms. Shanahan said. “I wouldn’t miss how I look. She’s beautiful.”

Shanahan ultimately decided on a nose job by a Newport Beach, CA surgeon to evoke the “spirit” of her idol.

While it is possible to create a striking resemblance to another person with plastic surgery, achieving a doppelganger look is not likely since surgeons cannot change bone structure, facial proportions and other characteristics that make each person unique.

A Santa Monica surgeon told The New York Times that it’s much easier to replicate the features of a celebrity who has had work done than someone with natural features.

It is possible, however, to repeat the same over-the-top procedure on different patients — say, “an overly highbrow lift, excessive nasal reduction, excessively filled lips,” Dr. Teitelbaum said. “You can go much farther to mimic features of a Michael Jackson, who is himself a plastic surgical joke, than to create a resemblance to someone who has never had surgery… It’s best to enhance the patient’s own features, so we can unearth the beauty that lies underneath without radically altering their appearance.”

Healthy choice or dangerous obsession?

Prior to agreeing to perform the surgery, doctors must determine whether the patient sincerely wants to alter one part of their body or if the desire is based on a greater issue, such as body dysmorphic disorder. Medical or aesthetic concerns are the usually trigger for plastic surgery, but surgeons must ensure patient motivations and expectations are both healthy and realistic.

Best cosmetic surgeons in NYC

The decision to get plastic surgery should not be taken lightly. It’s important to make sure you’re completely committed to the procedure and that you’re working with a highly qualified physician.

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