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Scholarship Winners

Dr. Thomas Loeb is pleased to announce the winners of the practice’s first scholarship award!

Applicants were tasked with the goal of creating a graphic that promotes positive self-image in the face of physical disabilities or other such challenges. We were deeply moved by the submissions we received. Not only were they heart-felt and on-message, but they were also beautifully executed. All of the candidates deserve to be commended for their honesty, bravery, and creativity.

Congratulations to the following 2015 scholarship winners:

First place: Bekah Johnson – $1000

Ms. Johnson submitted a wonderful image that clearly captured the spirit of this award along with her depth of beauty and character.


Runners up:

Scholarship winner Julia Lagos – $500

Ms. Lagos has spent the better part of the last several years battling depression, anxiety and PTSD. Despite this very real and daily struggle, she maintains a positive message of hope that happiness within is a possibility for all of us. Her senior speech, delivered before her entire student body, graphically depicts a young woman who is indeed happy with herself and excited for the future. She plans to study pre-med this fall.



StephanieStephanie Rehbein – $500

Ms. Rehbein suffers from an array of physical and mental challenges, each of which might be limiting enough on their own. But Ms. Rehbein has taken a different view; one that demonstrates her unique abilities in spite of the obstacles. This fall, she will put herself on the line as she happily and confidently takes on her next goal- college. Good luck Ms. Rehbein!

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