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The Truth Behind Anti Aging Products

Ava Lawson | April 12, 2013 | Posted in Skin Care

Every year, we spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on anti aging products that promise to brighten our complexion, diminish wrinkles and rid our faces of pigment irregularities. Enticed by big claims and hyped-up buzzwords like “organic” and “youth activating,” we fork over our hard-earned cash in an effort to stop the hands of time, if just for a little bit. When it comes to popular anti aging products, the FDA says to read your labels carefully and know that these creams and serums are often not what they claim. Reporter Christine Clark of ABC News recently covered the topic, and her article noted that most consumers are disappointed with their “advanced” skin care products, as the majority fail to deliver real results. 

Be wary of anti aging skin care product claims

According to the article, a lot of anti aging products use seductive terms on their labels, but without any evidence or clinical testing. Moisturizers that are labeled as “100% pure” or “completely natural,” are in no way regulated by the FDA. Beauty giant Lancome was recently admonished by the FDA for making unsubstantiated claims on several of its anti-wrinkle products, and was asked to update the labels or face suspended sales.  Companies like Loreal, Oil of Olay and others often use the term “lifting” in their product descriptions – a claim that plastic surgeons and dermatologists say is totally misleading. While a cream can hydrate the skin and improve the superficial appearance, there is no topical remedy that can truly lift sagging skin. So next time you’re considering a $120 jar of triple action wrinkle-fighting renewal lotion, think twice. The best approach to younger, healthy skin: regular sunscreen and a visit to your cosmetic surgeon for a discussion about skin rejuvenation treatments that actually work.   

With so many non invasive skin care treatments in Manhattan, women have plenty of options for looking their best with little to no downtime. Fractora Firm, ultherapy, and other rejuvenating procedures using cosmetic injectables are both safe and effective for a variety of concerns. If you’re not quite ready to go under the knife, and are looking to address lost volume, fine wrinkles or textural issues, then dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse may be a solution. And Botox, which has been FDA-approved for more than a decade, relaxes forehead muscles and crow’s feet around the eyes, giving patients a refreshed appearance. Since these anti aging skin procedures are non-invasive, they carry minimal risks for adverse side effects and complications. 

Skin rejuvenation in New York

A proactive skin care regimen is important, but the reality is that anti aging products can only do so much. So next time you’re browsing the cosmetics counter and are lured by serums that guarantee to lift and firm – keep in mind that those claims are truly subjective. If you’d like to learn more about non invasive skin care treatments in Manhattan, please contact the Fifth Avenue office of Dr. Thomas Loeb to schedule a private consultation. Known for his artistic skill and natural-looking results, Dr. Loeb will outline available options to address your aesthetic concerns. Call today at 212-327-3700.

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