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  • Can You Get Rid of Nasolabial Folds Without Filler? 

    Patricia Villate | June 14, 2024 | Posted in Nasolabial Fold Treatment

    There are many strategies and treatments you can use to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds without the use of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are a popular method of treating these smile lines because they are very effective, but you might be looking for an alternative. Keep in mind that no matter the treatment you […] Read more

  • Do Gynecologists Recommend Labiaplasty? 

    Patricia Villate | June 14, 2024 | Posted in Labiaplasty Surgery

    Plastic surgeries are often performed to enhance one’s aesthetic appearance, but they may also be performed to improve one’s comfort level or bodily function. The labiaplasty can fall into all categories, depending on the particular problems the patient is experiencing.  A labiaplasty reduces the size and modifies the shape of the inner and/or outer “lips” […] Read more

  • Top 4 Things to Know Before Getting Labiaplasty

    Patricia Villate | June 14, 2024 | Posted in Labiaplasty Surgery

    When you think of plastic surgery, you might imagine a facelift or liposuction—some sort of procedure that has a significant effect on a person’s appearance in the eyes of others. While some plastic surgeries are performed on more private areas of a person’s body, they can still make a world of difference for that person’s […] Read more

  • What is a Z Facelift?

    Patricia Villate | May 3, 2024 | Posted in Facelift

    A Z facelift may include a combination of techniques, such as targeted lifting and strategic volume addition, which together can create a natural, refreshed appearance without the need for a full facelift. Intended to re-contour the jawline by eliminating jowls and correcting loose neck skin, a Z lift is minimally invasive and requires less downtime […] Read more

  • Is the Y Lift the same as a Facelift?

    Patricia Villate | April 30, 2024 | Posted in Facelift

    While both procedures aim to rejuvenate the face, the Y Lift and a facelift differ significantly in approach and invasiveness. Facial rejuvenation procedures have seen remarkable advancements in recent years, offering individuals a spectrum of options to address signs of aging and enhance their appearance. Among the myriad of techniques available, two popular procedures often […] Read more

  • Does Aging Affect Rhinoplasty?

    Patricia Villate | April 12, 2024 | Posted in Rhinoplasty Surgery
    man getting rhinoplasty

    Will aging affect your rhinoplasty results over time? Yes, but only to the extent that structural changes will occur to all parts of the body as a natural result of the aging process – nose included.   The effects of aging on rhinoplasty results are often very subtle. Their extent and type depend heavily on several […] Read more

  • Why Is Revision Rhinoplasty More Expensive? 

    Patricia Villate | April 12, 2024 | Posted in Revision Rhinoplasty
    revision rhinoplasty

    Revision rhinoplasty is more expensive because it’s more complex. Your natural anatomy has already been changed. In most cases, the surgeon has to reconstruct your nose from the past procedure, which makes it reconstructive surgery. This presents a unique set of challenges and requires a plastic surgeon with a high level of skill, precision, and […] Read more

  • Why Do So Many People Get Revision Rhinoplasty? 

    Patricia Villate | March 29, 2024 | Posted in Revision Rhinoplasty

    People get revision rhinoplasty because they believe it failed to correct the original issue, it is not in harmony with the rest of their facial features, or they have an obstructed airway from their original procedure. In addition, if someone had a rhinoplasty many years ago, it might not be aging well. It isn’t uncommon […] Read more

  • What is the Most Requested Nose for Rhinoplasty? 

    Patricia Villate | February 28, 2024 | Posted in Rhinoplasty Surgery
    nose job examples

    With rhinoplasty just as popular as ever, patients request everything from button noses to the aquiline silhouette of Bella Hadid or the classic profile of Kate Middleton. Whether pursuing surgery for aesthetic enhancement or functional improvement, a rhinoplasty can help you achieve a nose that complements your facial features and boosts your self-confidence. Not sure […] Read more

  • Why Do Eyes Look Smaller After a Facelift? 

    Patricia Villate | February 14, 2024 | Posted in Facelift
    woman examining eyes for facelift

    After a facelift, the eyes could look smaller because the other structures have significantly changed, which can alter overall facial proportions. In other words, the eye area won’t appear the same because of the rejuvenated appearance of the mid and lower face. In addition, the initial side effects of the surgery, such as swelling and […] Read more

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