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NYC Fall Trend: Boot Bulge Microliposuction

Ava Lawson | September 23, 2014 | Posted in Body

Beauty Body 45Fall is upon New York City, and fashion-forward ladies everywhere are trading out their summer sandals for this season’s hottest designer boots. But some girls are finding trendy thigh-high models particularly challenging to wear, especially those endowed with larger calves. Those who are able to zip up may be left with a so-called “boot bulge,” prompting some to seek a little nip and tuck.

Believe it or not, boot bulge surgery is actually a thing in NYC and other metro areas where plastic surgeons help women slim down extra wide calves through a delicate process of micro-liposuction.

New York microliposuction on calves reduces boot bulge

Knowing our collective obsession with perfection, it’s no wonder that boot bulge surgery has actually taken off. As one NY plastic surgeon told ABC News the procedure is definitely requested, but not everyone is a good candidate.

Athletic women or those who are simply genetically predisposed to having plus-size muscular lower legs may not do well with calf microliposuction, since the whole procedure is based on removing excess fat. If there isn’t enough fat to begin with, this already tricky procedure becomes downright impossible. Avid bikers or marathon runners are prime examples of non-candidates for boot bulge surgery.

But even those who could benefit from the treatment should understand that it’s no quick-fix solution. Recovery from lower leg microliposuction can take upwards of 10 months, meaning fashionistas will have to wait until next fall season before donning their favorite knee-high boots.

For some New York residents like Dyan, this is no deterrent. “I’ve purchased $200 boots and taken them to a shoe maker to have an extra panel of leather sewn in but it doesn’t look the same and I ended up throwing them out,” she said. The Long Island woman is planning her NYC boot bulge surgery for this fall and may be encouraged by the positive results of other patients.

Boot bulge surgery and recovery

Liposuction, like any surgical procedure, carries its own set of risks. In this particular microlipo of the calf and lower leg, the patient is anesthetized for the duration, which can take from one to nearly three hours.  Most patients will be back to their normal routines within four to five months after the surgery, but it takes 8 to 10 months for all residual swelling to subside, and final results seen.

The good news is that whatever improvement in profile and size of the calf and ankle area is generally permanent.

Ladies with ultra-muscular calves shouldn’t despair, as some top boot designers are beginning to offer sizes that accommodate an extra-wide calf.  And a good cobbler can always add gussets to your favorite knee-highs, if you’re in a pinch and not quite ready to go under the knife.

Interested in NYC body contouring?

If the size of your lower legs is troubling and you’d like more information about boot bulge surgery in NY, we invite you to call Dr. Thomas Loeb at 212-327-3700 to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Experienced in the latest body contouring techniques and procedures, Dr. Loeb can explain your options for microliposuction and determine if you’re a candidate for this specialized procedure.

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