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Breast Augmentation in NYC Takes a Giant Step Forward

Andrew | March 28, 2014 | Posted in Breast Augmentation
breast augmentation fat transfer

An innovative breast augmentation procedure has proven to be not only safe but more effective than conventional fat transfer augmentation and enhancement techniques. The technique, called “mega-volume” autologous breast fat transfer takes breast augmentation in NYC to another level altogether.

In standard autologous fat transfer, fat cells obtained by liposuction from one part of the patient’s body, such as the thighs, are injected into the breasts to enlarge and contour them. However, using this approach, only small amounts of fat can be transferred. That’s because of the limited space available within the breast to receive the fat cells. Trying to inject more cells would possibly impair blood flow and cause excessive pressure which may damage the newly transferred fat cells.

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Mega-volume breast fat transfer now possible

A report in the March 2014 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), details the principles of how “mega-volume” autologous breast fat transfer accomplishes a marked increase in the volume of fat cells transferred to the breasts and how it can allow for:

  • More effective contouring
  • More volume
  • and More natural enhancement.

ASPS Member Surgeon Dr. Roger K. Khouri of Miami Breast Center said in the report,

“The application of these principles has allowed us to successfully graft mega-volumes of fat into the breasts of more than 1,000 patients with substantial long-term retention.”

Pre-expansion using the Brava device is key breakthrough

The solution to this problem is something called “pre-expansion.” This is done by using Brava, a bra-like device invented by Dr. Khouri that uses vacuum-based gentle negative pressure to gradually expand the breast.

Brava’s pre-expansion provides extra room in the breast, along with a “highly compliant recipient tissue bed” that the transplanted fat cells can occupy.

Dr. Khouri and the report’s coauthors give the example of a patient with an A-cup breast size undergoing breast augmentation. With fat transfer alone, the patient is likely to achieve a final enlargement of only about 80 milliliters. But using the Brava device for pre-expansion may triple the volume of fat cells that can be injected, permitting a final enlargement of 240 milliliters.

Dr. Khouri points out however that achieving good results with mega-volume breast fat transfer depends on the patient’s commitment to using the Brava device for breast pre-expansion, for up to three weeks before the procedure. “The more she invests in Brava wear, the better she expands, the larger her resultant breast expansion,” Dr. Khouri and colleagues write.

Report says Brava device found effective with breast cancer patients

In the February 2014 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a team of researchers from the Department of Plastic Surgery in Jichi Medical University in Japan reported on a study of 81 total mastectomy cases and eight severely deformed irradiated breast conserving cases.

They found that the Brava device and procedure was well tolerated by the patients and concluded that breast fat transfer using the Brava device is an alternative to total breast reconstruction in total mastectomy cases.

For more information about the Brava device and “mega-volume” breast augmentation in NYC, please call Dr. Loeb’s office at 212.327.3700 to schedule a private consultation. During your one-on-one evaluation, the doctor will explain how this procedure will help you achieve  your aesthetic goals.

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