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Plastic Surgery in the Silicon Valley on the Rise

Andrew | April 1, 2014 | Posted in News

Plastic Surgery in Silicon Valley Plastic surgery in Silicon Valley is becoming big business, thanks to an ageism trend in the tech industry. Tech professionals that are finding themselves unable to compete in an increasingly youthful market are turning to anti-aging procedures to present a more vibrant image.

Although age discrimination of any kind is illegal in the United States, aging professionals are turning to plastic surgeons rather than the court in an effort to level the playing field.

The new plastic surgery patient

According to a recent report in New Republic, the demographic for the plastic surgery patient in Silicon Valley has evolved considerably over the past two decades. Instead of caring for patients in their late middle years, surgeons are now finding patients coming in as early as their 20s or 30s in hopes of preserving their youth for as long as possible. A cultural revolution is sweeping the Valley that celebrates youth in the workforce, thanks to young entrepreneurs like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who told a Stanford audience in 2007, “Young people are just smarter.”

The problem doesn’t seem to be isolated to aging job hunters. Those looking for funding for a start-up, a significant percentage of the Silicon Valley population, also find themselves at a decided disadvantage if they are hitting the middle years of life. Even when the idea is lucrative and the business plan is comprehensive, many venture capitalists appear to prefer to take their chances with the younger tech set.

Anti-aging a hot commodity

Cosmetic doctors in the Silicon Valley area are cashing in on the trend. New Republic highlights one cosmetic surgeon in the Valley who boasts he is the second-biggest dispenser of Botox in the world. His clients have become progressively younger in the past decade and more men are coming in for his services than ever before. This particular surgeon told New Republic he frequently turns away clients in their 20s, including one 26-year-old man looking for hair transplants to hide the onset of his hair loss.

The surgeon also explained that those younger tech professionals looking for cosmetic treatments want procedures that will provide gradual results with no visible side effects or downtime afterward. His busiest treatment day is Friday, when patients can come in for a procedure and then take the weekend to recover. That way, they can show up for work on Monday morning looking like they just enjoyed a weekend getaway, rather than a cosmetic procedure.

Along those lines, male patients tend to prefer laser treatments to eliminate skin blemishes and broken blood vessels. They also request ultrasound therapy to tighten and tone the skin, or injectable treatments that effectively smooth out fine lines and facial creases. When it comes to anti-aging therapy, cosmetic surgery offers a wealth of minimally-invasive, low-risk options that provide stellar results today.

Capitalizing on the “fear factor”

Some cosmetic surgeons in the area are now capitalizing on the “fear factor,” as aging tech workers begin to worry that their jobs may be less stable as the birthdays start adding up. Some market their services directly to tech professionals, as a means for remaining competitive in the Silicon Valley marketplace. Although companies will not admit to ageism in the Valley, cosmetic surgeons are more than happy to bring this trend to life in an effort to expand their patient base.

Plastic surgery in Silicon Valley can be a good investment for individuals who want to look as young as they feel and give their self-confidence a boost. It can effectively address imperfections and concerns that have kept some individuals from looking or feeling their best.

For some, a few Botox treatments may even be a small price to pay for job security and satisfaction. But has this youth craze gone too far, pushing professionals into cosmetic procedures for the sole purpose of keeping gainful employment?

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