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Breast Lift in NYC Offers Multiple Benefits

Jacky Gale | December 6, 2012 | Posted in Breast Augmentation

Considering having a breast lift in NYC? You’re in good company. Tamra Barney, star of Real Housewives of Orange County, had a breast reduction and lift. Barney had previously gotten breast implants in her 20s, but later decided that they were too large for her frame. The implants made it difficult for her to find clothes that fit properly, and more importantly, the extra weight caused neck and back pain.

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Barney also decided that she’d had enough of the extra attention that her 34D breasts brought her. After having surgery to insert smaller breast implants, Barney is now content to be a C cup.

Breast reduction surgery in New York

Women have breast reductions and breast lifts for several reasons. Many women, like Tamra Barney, have the procedures to relieve pain in their upper bodies. Others, like Queen Latifah, have the surgery following significant weight loss. Queen Latifah has been curvaceous for most of her life. After embarking on a weight loss program and successfully shedding 25 pounds, she found that she wanted her breasts to fit her smaller frame.

During a breast reduction surgery, also called a reduction mammoplasty, the surgeon removes excess tissue, fat, and skin. The procedure not only alleviates upper back strain, it can also improve self-image and self-confidence, allow for greater participation in sports, and relieve chafing and rashes.

Breast lift in NYC can enhance appearance

Many women have a breast lift at the same time as a breast reduction surgery, as the lift eliminates sagging skin that can occur after the procedure. Patients often choose to have a breast lift following pregnancy, as Melanie Griffith did after giving birth. Pregnancy, breast feeding and aging take a toll on a woman’s body, but a breast lift can restore a youthful appearance by raising sagging breasts. Also called a mastopexy, a breast lift reshapes and repositions the breasts to improve the contour.

Plastic surgeon NYC

If you’re searching for a reputable plastic surgeon in Manhattan, look no further than Dr. Thomas Loeb, board-certified surgeon. Celebrities and countless others have sought the natural-looking results of Dr. Loeb’s artistry. To learn more about a breast lift in NYC or other breast surgery procedures, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Loeb by calling 212-327-3700.

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