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UK Poll: 24 Percent of Men Want Their Partners to Have Plastic Surgery

Ava Lawson | April 26, 2013 | Posted in Body, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction

A recent poll in the UK showed that a resounding 24 percent of guys want their partners to have some sort of cosmetic surgery. The results were featured in a Daily Mail article published on April 17. The survey included 1,248 British men, who were each asked the following question: “Would you like your partner to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their looks?” Of the group, 19 percent responded that they wouldn’t like their girlfriends or spouses to have plastic surgery, but of the 24 percent who did, only half of those would actually tell their significant other about these secret desires.

The top five cosmetic surgery procedures that made the list were:

  1. Liposuction – 57%
  2. Breast enlargement – 49%
  3. Dental surgery – 42%
  4. Nose job (rhinoplasty) – 38%
  5. Botox injections – 34%

Liposuction tops plastic surgery wish list

Not surprisingly, most of the surveyed participants didn’t want to tell their partners for fear of sparking an argument. Another reason cited was that the Brits felt that cosmetic surgery might not improve their loved one’s appearance. According to the author, “While the majority of respondents are very happy with the way their partner looks, it seems that a good proportion would be willing to let them try and improve their natural appearance if they had the opportunity.”

Most women would agree that you shouldn’t make changes to your body just to please your partner, but at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to boost your self confidence and esteem and look your best in the process. Statistics show that cosmetic surgery, whether a drastic overhaul or something minor like liposuction, is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. It’s also becoming more popular for both women and men, who may be trying to address problem body parts that are resistant to diet and exercise, or want to diminish early signs of aging.

For any person – male or female – who is unhappy with the way they look and want an expert opinion on the various procedures available, a plastic surgeon in NYC can help explain the options for facial rejuvenation, breast enlargement, or body contouring treatments. Dr. Thomas Loeb is one of Manhattan’s most prominent plastic surgeons, and is often asked to appear on national TV programs to explain the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. He has been featured on NBC, MSNBC, FOX News, and The View to elucidate on procedures such as ultrasonic liposuction, Botox and dermal fillers, and lip enhancement, among others.

Leading plastic surgeon in NYC

Sought out by A-list celebrities, Dr. Loeb has made headlines with his surgical skill and amazing transformations. His specialty areas include surgical procedures such as breast enhancement and liposuction in New York City, in addition to non-invasive skin treatments. Dr. Loeb prides himself on offering each of his patients the individual care and attention they deserve, and his professional staff provides a supportive, caring environment from initial consultation to your last follow-up visit. For more information or to schedule a private consultation, please contact us by calling 212.327.3700. You can also email our office via the online contact form.

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