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Facelift Surgery in NYC Remains Popular in 2024

Jenn Fusion | May 7, 2013 | Posted in Facelift

Facelift surgery in NYC remains a popular option for people wishing to look well-rested and young. According to Fox News, men are embracing “strong features” to look more handsome. They want Michael Fassbender’s square jaw or Adrian Brody’s nose. Dr. Darrick Antell, a professor of surgery at Columbia University, told Fox he “did a rhinoplasty and a chin implant on a famous actor who had a monster nose and no chin.” He left the natural bump in the nose, so it “still looked like his, just a better version” – and no one on set noticed he’d had a nose job.

Benefits of facelift surgery in NYC

There are many factors working against the human face – from environmental toxins and accidental scarring, to the natural aging process and the stresses of daily life. A facelift can re-suspend the soft tissue of the face, remove excess skin, and make the skin appear youthful. A Manhattan plastic surgeon can get rid of unsightly wrinkles, take out displaced fat, remove jowls and saggy skin, as well as replenish lost volume with dermal fillers where needed. Essentially, the surgeon highlights all of a person’s best features, while minimizing the effects of aging.

Risks of facelift surgery

While complications are rare, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons acknowledges the following risks: scarring, bleeding, nerve injury, numbness, pain, discoloration, infection, and unsatisfactory results. In rare but serious cases, there have been incidents of cardiac and pulmonary complications while under general anesthesia.

To minimize these risks, patients should have lengthy discussions with their plastic surgeon regarding  pre and post-surgery instructions. For instance, some surgeons may require patients to “prime the canvas” with moisturizers, antioxidants, a retinol solution, and sunblock. Other times a resurfacing treatment is required to iron out deep wrinkles, prior to surgery.

Facelift procedure

A facelift surgery in NYC takes about three hours to perform and is done under general or localized anesthesia, so patients are completely sedated. An incision is made within the hairline to the front of the earlobe to minimize visible scarring. Skin is lifted across the cheeks from the jaw-line, with muscles and soft tissue adjusted and excess skin removed for a soft, natural look. There are several variations of a facelift procedure, and your surgeon will discuss which method is most appropriate for your goals.

Facelift recovery

Following facelift surgery, a bandage will be applied to the face to minimize bleeding and swelling. Patients will receive a full set of post-operative instructions to care for the incision. It’s normal to experience bruising and swelling around the incision site for up to three weeks. Numbness may be felt for up to six months. Pain medication is recommended for a few weeks to deal with soreness and strenuous activity should be avoided for the next three weeks. Most people are back to work within 10 days and enjoy the full results of their facelift surgery over the next few months.

Facial rejuvenation add-ons

Many people opt to have complementary procedures done while they are having their facelift. This may help them achieve maximum results, while minimizing the recovery period. Eyelid surgeries, nose jobs, neck lifts, dermal fillers, chin implants, brow lifts, and chemical peels are routinely performed alongside facelifts.

Interested in facelift surgery in NYC?

Praised by peers and patients, Dr. Thomas W. Loeb is a leading Manhattan plastic surgeon who specializes in both surgical and non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures and has been practicing in his Fifth Avenue office for over 2 decades. For more information or to schedule your private consultation for facelift, please call 212-327-3700.

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