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Why Do So Many People Get Revision Rhinoplasty? 

Patricia Villate | March 29, 2024 | Posted in Revision Rhinoplasty

People get revision rhinoplasty because they believe it failed to correct the original issue, it is not in harmony with the rest of their facial features, or they have an obstructed airway from their original procedure. In addition, if someone had a rhinoplasty many years ago, it might not be aging well. It isn’t uncommon to be unsatisfied with a nose job, but revision rhinoplasty can help. Dr. Thomas Loeb is a highly regarded board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon with offices in Manhattan and Great Neck. He specializes in beautiful, natural-looking results that last a lifetime. If you’re unhappy with your rhinoplasty, contact his office for a consultation. 

young woman gets consultation for revision rhinoplasty

You are Unhappy with The Initial Look Of Rhinoplasty 

If you opted for a rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, the visual appeal of your nose is essential. Yet, many patients who want a revision rhinoplasty report that their first procedure never addressed their original concern. Patients also required revision due to a new deformity that caused the nose to become crooked, worried about loss of ethnic characteristics, or seeking further improvement for a clinically acceptable result.  

Your Rhinoplasty Left You With Obstructed Airways 

Obstructed airways from rhinoplasty surgery is rare and makes up only 1% of all revision rhinoplasty cases. It is usually the result of the patient having an undetected pre-existing condition like a deviated septum or from the previous surgeon removing too much cartilage.  

That said, if you have a rhinoplasty that left you unable to breathe properly, it can and should be addressed. Ignoring this can lead to long-term issues with your sleep and quality of life. A skilled surgeon should be able to reconstruct your nose and fix your blocked airways without compromising your aesthetics. 

woman looking at her nose with dissatisfaction

Your Rhinoplasty Didn’t Age Well 

Most patients who want revision rhinoplasty say they were happy with their results initially, but they weren’t long-lasting. So, is rhinoplasty a temporary solution? 

The short answer is no. When done correctly, the results of your rhinoplasty should last a lifetime. However, it’s possible an injury or the natural aging process has affected your original results. Further, if your procedure was performed long ago, using outdated techniques, e.g., removing too much cartilage, you may want a revision rhinoplasty. Trust that Dr. Loeb’s modern surgical techniques can stand the test of time.  

Consult with Dr. Thomas Loeb  

Revision rhinoplasty is a complex yet common procedure. Roughly 30 percent of Dr. Loeb’s rhinoplasty cases are revision nose jobs for patients who haven’t been able to receive the results they wanted from previous surgeries. Patients have flown into Manhattan from all around the world to have their noses evaluated and perfected by one of New York City’s top revision rhinoplasty surgeons. 

Dr. Loeb is a highly skilled Great Neck plastic surgeon; if you’re dissatisfied with a previous rhinoplasty, call his office to schedule a consultation. 

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