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What is the Most Requested Nose for Rhinoplasty? 

Patricia Villate | February 28, 2024 | Posted in Rhinoplasty Surgery

With rhinoplasty just as popular as ever, patients request everything from button noses to the aquiline silhouette of Bella Hadid or the classic profile of Kate Middleton. Whether pursuing surgery for aesthetic enhancement or functional improvement, a rhinoplasty can help you achieve a nose that complements your facial features and boosts your self-confidence. Not sure which nose shape is right for you? Dr. Thomas Loeb–recognized as one of the Best Doctors by New York Magazine–and his team can help you explore your options.  

Why Should You Choose Rhinoplasty? 

Many people are unhappy with the shape of their nose, either because they feel it’s too wide, too small, too narrow, or they don’t like the shape of the tip of their nose. Whatever the case, rhinoplasty surgery can change the shape of your nose dramatically: 

celestial nose shape after rhinoplasty
  • Change nose width and size for better facial balance 
  • Narrow nostril openings 
  • Fix nasal asymmetry 
  • Change a bulbous or large nasal tip 
  • Decrease the size of the nasal bridge 
  • Enhance the angle between the nose and the lips 
  • Repair a deviated septum 
  • Correct a failed nose surgery 
  • Help with breathing problems 

Whether you’re drawing inspiration from a celebrity or looking for a classic nose shape for your rhinoplasty procedure, consult with Dr. Loeb, one of New York City’s top plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty, an expert at producing natural-looking results. 

What Are Classic Nose Shapes? 

Recent research has suggested that there are 14 different nose shapes. Here are three of the most popular:  

  1. The Celestial: The celestial nose is soft and narrow, characterized by its slightly rounded and upturned tip. The Celestial nose is requested by patients who want to achieve a delicate and elegant appearance and is closely associated with femininity and youthfulness.  
  1. The Button Nose: As the name suggests, the button nose resembles a small, rounded button at the tip. The Button Nose is similar to the Celestial but has more definition. It’s a youthful shape that adds charm to one’s profile.  
  1. The Greek: It is known for its sleek, straight bridge. Individuals who wish to flatten bumps or ridges in their noses opt for this nose type. It’s a rare nose type characterized by its refined shape and unique appeal.  

Successful nose plastic surgery can be a life-changing experience. The key to success is a shape that complements and enhances your features and appearance. 

Celebrity-Inspired Nose Shapes 

Be sure you trust your rhinoplasty to a board-certified plastic surgeon, and always be clear about your expectations for the most realistic outcome. But if you need inspiration, here are some of the most sought-after celebrity noses.  

Kate Middleton: Her nose shape has garnered significant attention in pop culture and is one of the most requested. “The Dutchess” is characterized by its refined tip and subtle slope. Many patients admire Middleton’s graceful profile and want to recreate her iconic look. 

Blake Lively: She is known for her striking features. Her nose has a balanced and harmonious structure that enhances her overall facial symmetry. It is often requested because she is a prime example of someone who achieved beautiful, natural-looking results through a rhinoplasty.  

Bella Hadid: She has become the quintessential example of a slender and narrow nose shape. With its defined bridge and subtle contours, Hadid’s nose exudes elegance and allure. Many patients request her sleek and sculpted nasal profile, contributing to the rising trend of slimmed-down nose shapes. 

Consult with Manhattan’s Premier Rhinoplasty Specialist 

Dr. Loeb is one of Manhattan’s top rhinoplasty surgeons and favors an outcome that is harmonious and balanced.  He also specializes in revision rhinoplasty for patients with disappointing results with prior surgical procedures. If you have questions about nose surgery or would like more information about primary or revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Thomas Loeb, please call to schedule a private consultation. 

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