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What Is the Difference Between Plastic Surgery in LA vs NYC?

Ava Lawson | November 25, 2020 | Posted in Rhinoplasty Surgery

It’s common knowledge that beauty standards can vary from one culture to the next. In Japan, for example, women prefer to have curly eyelashes (without much mascara) and flawless skin, whereas, in Australia, women prioritize the windswept hair look. Beauty standards can even vary within a country. In the US, for example, plastic surgeons note distinct differences between the preferred aesthetic on the Atlantic coast vs the Pacific coast.

Plastic surgery preferences in Los Angeles

Plastic surgeons report that women who undergo plastic surgery in Los Angeles often express preferences for a specific look: softer, rounded contours with an exaggerated feminine look. LA women often prefer greater augmentation of the lips and very slender noses. Also, fat transfers are commonly requested to achieve rounded contours. In short, women in LA tend to pursue their concept of perfection and youthfulness. However, it may come at the expense of looking natural.

Plastic surgery preferences in New York City

Plastic surgery in NYC is different from LA. On the Atlantic seaboard, women most often ask their plastic surgeons to produce natural-looking results. They embrace who they are– they want to enhance their natural good looks and minimize their imperfections. Instead of requesting 10 full units of Botox, for example, a New York City patient might opt for just one. As a result, the patient won’t suffer from the dreaded Botox “face freeze” but will instead look as though she is aging gracefully and beautifully.

Another difference is that while LA embraces youth culture, New York is somewhat resistant to it. New Yorkers tend to value the experience and wisdom that comes with age, and as a result, a 50-year-old patient would generally prefer to look 40 rather than 20.

Finally, a third difference is that New Yorkers tend to value toughness and resiliency. They want to have a strong chin, jawline, and nose, rather than a rounded face that appears overly feminine. If you encounter a New Yorker who has had plastic surgery, you wouldn’t automatically assume they’ve received surgical enhancements from an NYC plastic surgeon. Instead, you might think they take good care of themselves and are aging well.

Opting for the natural look?

If you are a New Yorker at heart, you’ll love the natural look, too. It is all about embracing your appearance– while also striving to enhance it in subtle ways. Much like following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, a few cosmetic tweaks here and there can help you maintain your appearance at any age. For instance, you might opt for a small amount of Botox or dermal fillers to soften the look of wrinkles. You might also decide to have a rhinoplasty, or nose job, to correct slight imperfections while still maintaining your natural good looks.

For a natural rhinoplasty, New York residents often turn to Dr. Thomas Loeb. Dr. Loeb has more than 30 years of clinical experience, and he specializes in rhinoplasties and revision rhinoplasties. In fact, he achieved national recognition and acclaim after transforming the nose of Paula Jones in 1998. To this day, Dr. Loeb focuses on creating balance and harmony by correcting asymmetries and making other subtle improvements.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas Loeb in NYC

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas Loeb, a plastic surgeon in NYC, call his Manhattan office. He is pleased to work with patients from out of town and offers convenient virtual consultations.

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