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Cosmetic Tune Up a Man’s Key to Career Success?

Ava Lawson | May 16, 2016 | Posted in Skin Care

Young Man Having Botox Treatment At Beauty ClinicPlastic Surgery Channel writer Dawn Tongish spotlights the growing popularity of plastic surgery and cosmetic “tune-ups” that men are using to climb the corporate ladder.  According to her article, ageism is no longer restricted to Hollywood stars or pop idols. In fact, it’s common knowledge that attractive people are afforded more advantages in today’s society, including higher salaries and better opportunities for career advancement.

The corporate world places a huge emphasis on image – particularly images that project confidence and success. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery suggest a growing population of men who are willing to go under the knife, or at least have an injection or two, in an effort to look younger and remain relevant in a fiercely competitive workplace.

Plastic surgeons across the nation are seeing an uptick in male patients requesting cosmetic enhancements – both subtle and dramatic. “They want an edge in the workplace and they know that looking better will help with that,” explains a cosmetic surgeon based in Arizona. “… I see guys who want to fix their eyes to stay relevant, along with smoothing out the skin on their neck.”

Cosmetic surgery seen as a smart career investment

According to the article, studies have demonstrated that better looking men not only project more self-confidence, they tend to be the first ones hired in an executive workplace. But how far are guys willing to go in order to get ahead in business and advance their careers? Most men start off with subtle, minimally-invasive treatments that can help shave off years and keep them looking as young as their colleagues.

Some of the most commonly requested procedures include Botox injections to smooth out deep forehead furrows and worry lines – a lunch-time fix that needs to be repeated every 4-6 months. Botox often goes hand-in-hand with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, which can help the middle-aged patient turn back the clock by softening harsh wrinkles and restoring volume.

Just like their female counterparts, men may be bothered by the appearance of a double chin or extra fat pockets around the jaw line. Kybella has worked wonders on melting away chin fat and giving guys a more chiseled, refined look.

Dr. Parson adds that men who aren’t quite ready for a tummy tuck to address prominent love handles or a bulging beer belly will instead opt for liposuction or smart lipo that uses laser technology to eliminate extra fat with minimal blood loss or bruising.

Just like a good education or the right clothing, many plastic surgeons predict that cosmetic tune ups will become yet another tool used for career advancement.

Plastic surgery for men in NYC

Cosmetic surgery isn’t right for everyone, but some men may see it as a ‘secret weapon’ for career advancement in a world that is increasingly image-conscious. To learn more about male plastic surgery in New York City with Dr. Thomas Loeb, we invite you to arrange a private facial surgery consultation. Whether you want to fix facial wrinkles, blotchy skin, love handles or male breasts, Dr. Loeb uses the latest technologies to help you reach your goals.

Call 212-327-3700 to book your appointment with a leading Manhattan plastic surgeon.

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