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How Long Does It Take for a Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift?

Jacky Gale | June 21, 2019 | Posted in Body
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Every woman should feel confident with her curves. But due to genetics, lifestyle issues, and past pregnancies, you might feel dissatisfied with yours. Getting a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift may be an option for you. In some cases, it may be possible to combine these two surgeries into one procedure to streamline the process and the recovery period. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon to get the answers to your questions, like how long you can expect a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift to take.

It’s important to bear in mind that, while some patients may be able to get both surgeries done at once, this option may not be appropriate for everyone. Dr. Loeb will consider your overall health before making this determination.

How long does the surgery take?

The length of the surgery often depends on many different factors. You’ll need to arrive at the clinic ahead of your operative time since you’ll need to be put under general anesthesia. Once you’re asleep, it will generally take one to several hours to perform the tummy tuck. The plastic surgeon will make small incisions, through which he will remove excess fat and skin, and retighten the underlying abdominal muscles.

The Brazilian butt lift portion of the surgery can take one to several more hours. The surgeon will use the fat harvested from the abdominal region. The fat will be processed and transferred to syringes. After making small incisions in the buttocks, the surgeon will inject the fat into key areas in the buttocks. Then, the incisions will be closed.

How long does the recovery take?

One of the benefits of having a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift combined is that you’ll only have to go through the recovery period once. However, combining the two surgeries may make for a more difficult recovery. Temporarily, you’ll be unable to sleep on your stomach after a tummy tuck, and you’ll be unable to sit on your buttocks after a butt lift. Your plastic surgeon can give you some guidance on modifying your sleeping and sitting positions.

While every patient heals a little differently, you should plan to wait at least 10 to 14 days before resuming light activities, like an office job. Plan to abstain from exercise for a solid two months. By the time your plastic surgeon clears you to begin exercising again, you’ll be ready to show off your new curves!

Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, NYC

You’ll get all the answers to your questions when you schedule a confidential, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Thomas Loeb at his Manhattan office to discuss getting a tummy tuck and butt lift surgery in NYC. Dr. Loeb is a board-certified plastic surgeon known for his excellent clinical skills and commitment to patient safety. He will carefully evaluate you before making any recommendations.

Every patient deserves clinical guidance that is personalized for their unique situation. Get yours from an experienced, highly qualified plastic surgeon by calling 212.327.3700 to request a consult.

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