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Importance of Finding a Qualified Plastic Surgeon in New York City

Andrew | August 23, 2013 | Posted in Body

Recent reports of plastic surgery horror stories nationwide reinforce the importance of finding a board certified plastic surgeon for any type of body contouring or facial rejuvenation procedure.  In some of the latest news stories, patients have died after undergoing illegal cosmetic procedures, while others have suffered serious injuries that have resulted in hospitalizations and amputations of limbs.

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Black market plastic surgery can have life-threatening consequences

A recent report by FOX News highlights the importance of finding the best possible physician for your needs. According to FOX, cosmetic surgery patients are placing their lives in the hands of individuals with no medical training who promise to enhance features, particularly the buttocks, with a series of inexpensive injections. Unfortunately, those injections are often filled with non-sterile substances that can cause blood clots, infection and even death in some patients.

Deaths have been reported in numerous states from black market injections, including New York, Georgia, Alabama, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Florida. In addition, two deaths in Mississippi have been charged to an interior decorator in the state that performed injections in her home.

The injections are offered to potential clients at a reduced price over what is charged in the office of a licensed plastic surgeon. However, that price reduction comes at a great cost for some women who suffer severe pain, potentially life-threatening infections and sadly, loss of life for a few. Despite the scary reports, black market cosmetic surgery procedures are still sought by mostly women and a smaller number of men as well.

Illegal injections lead to multiple amputations

One of the women who pursued black market injections was Apryl Michelle Brown. Brown had experienced teasing about her buttocks as a child, which led her believe the promises of a woman who said she could give Brown inexpensive injections that would make her buttocks more shapely. She received a number of injections before experiencing excruciating pain that led her to seek medical help.

When Brown saw a doctor, she discovered that the injections she received were filled with industrial silicone from a home improvement store. Despite seeking medical intervention and surgery, Brown developed a life-threatening staph infection that resulted in the amputation of both her hands and feet. Brown now has her own website and speaks publicly on the subject of illegal injections, in hopes of protecting other women from her fate.

Industrial silicone is unsafe for injecting into the human body, according to a report at Health Day. The fat solvent used to make the substance hardens in the body after just a few days and can travel to other areas of the body. If the solvent reaches the lungs, survival rates are around 80 percent. If the substance travels to the brain, survival rates are nearly zero.

Qualified surgeons minimize risks

While these plastic surgery horror stories can be frightening to hear, the good news is they are exceptions in the legitimate world of cosmetic surgery. Procedures to enhance the face and body are safely performed in the offices of a qualified plastic surgeon in New York City, with positive results and recovery. The important lesson to learn from some of these other accounts is the importance of choosing an experienced, reputable plastic surgeon for any procedure you are considering.

Choosing your plastic surgeon New York City

Board certified with more than 25 years experience, Dr. Thomas Loeb, a leading New York plastic surgeon, has performed hundreds of body contouring procedures including butt lifts on Manhattan residents and patients from around the world. Dr. Loeb offers state-of-the-art procedures in his private surgical suite in Manhattan, and is known for his unsurpassed level of care.

If you are interested in any cosmetic surgery procedure, the right plastic surgeon in New York City will make all the different in the success of your treatment. For more information on buttock augmentation, butt lifts, or any cosmetic surgery, contact Dr. Loeb’s office today at 212-327-3700.

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