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Turn Back the Clock with New York Facial Surgery

Ava Lawson | August 12, 2013 | Posted in Facelift

Two of the main reasons many people seek out cosmetic surgery are to look more attractive and to rejuvenate their appearance. New research published in the August 1 edition of JAMA Facial Plastic shows that while beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, going under the knife definitely has the potential to reduce your apparent age. As reported by CBS News Philadelphia, participants who underwent facial plastic surgery looked 5.2 years younger after their procedures, according to 50 random people who were polled, using before and after pictures.

Look and feel younger with New York facial surgery

The study, entitled Objective Assessment of Perceived Age Reversal and Improvement in Attractiveness After Aging Face Surgery, sought to explore the impacts of aesthetic facial surgery by asking 50 individuals to look at images of 49 patients before and after they’d undergone cosmetic surgery. To assess perceived attractiveness the viewers appointed numbers on a scale from 1 to 10. Interestingly, viewers did not think the patients looked any more beautiful or handsome after the plastic surgery, as most participants were scored between a 4 and 6, indicating average to slightly above average looks. In terms of age, viewers indicated that those who’d had facial plastic surgery looked 4 to almost 10 years younger. However, they also underestimated the patients’ true ages, both before and after surgery.

Each of the 49 participants had undergone primary facial surgical procedures with a minimum 6-month follow-up period with no additional procedures during the interim. The 50 viewers hailed from Ontario province and were randomly assigned to one of four rater groups, with no knowledge of the purpose of the study. Researchers concluded that facial surgery was effective in reducing the perceptible age of patients but did not consistently enhance their attractiveness.

Cosmetic surgery a confidence booster

Besides looking more youthful, another primary reason for facial rejuvenating procedures, whether in the form of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, or a dramatic face lift, is a boost in self-esteem. Most patients find that an increase in self confidence permeates every aspect of their existence in a positive way, helping their careers, social skills and love life.  The bottom line: facial surgery often helps men and women feel attractive on the inside, and that inner beauty is projected as strength and confidence – two admirable attributes.

Looking for the top plastic surgeons NYC?

Age, sun exposure, lifestyle and heredity can all contribute to a tired appearance, as fine lines begin to deepen and skin loses its elasticity. With the latest technology available, New York facial surgery offers numerous ways to turn back the clock with minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Thomas Loeb, a renowned Manhattan plastic surgeon, offers laser treatments, injectables and Factora in addition to surgical procedures to help address your particular areas of concern. If you’d like to learn more about New York facial surgery, we invite you to contact Dr. Loeb’s Fifth Avenue office to schedule your private consultation. Please call 212-327-3700.

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