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Women Pleased with Butt Lift Surgery Outcomes, Study Shows

Ava Lawson | October 25, 2013 | Posted in Body

Similar to cosmetic enhancement for breasts, butt lift surgery (gluteoplasty) allows you to augment, reshape and lift one of your most noticeable assets.  Now that womanly curves are once again a coveted beauty feature, the demand for a butt lift NYC has skyrocketed as more ladies fulfill their quest for a shapelier backside.

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While a Lopez or Kardashian-inspired silhouette may not be every woman’s ultimate goal, a curvy bottom is often seen as a symbol of sensuality. Given the results of a new study which found that 98 percent of patients who underwent a butt lift reported being “very satisfied” with their results, this plastic surgery trend seems to be sticking around for awhile. The findings were presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual meeting in San Diego last week. And while there are numerous variations for butt augmentation, the type which garnered the happiest clients was using a patient’s own fat, which is then re-injected in key areas of the derriere.

Study shows patients are thrilled with butt lift results

The ASPS study evaluated the pre-and postoperative photos and satisfaction levels of 58 women who underwent a butt lift, finding that 57 patients were pleased with their outcomes and only one experienced volume resorption several months later, which affected her rating.  For their surgery, excess fat was removed via liposuction from their saddlebags, thighs, flanks and sub-gluteal areas, and then injected into their buttocks to give volume and add definition. To avoid any complications from fat necrosis, the surgeons refrained from harvesting too much fat from any one body part before injecting it in the buttocks.

“It is important to note that a good result did not depend on a lot of fat infiltration” said Dr. David Reath, ASPS Public Education Committee Chair, who added, “The best aesthetics were achieved when the elimination of fat by liposuction and fat grafting were combined harmoniously.”

The general consensus among plastic surgeons is that butt lift surgery using fat redistribution typically carries fewer risks compared to permanent butt implants or injections, since foreign substances aren’t used. In addition, butt augmentation using a person’s own fat also entails less downtime as incisions are smaller than those used for implants.

Dr. Reath points out that due to the increasing popularity of butt lift surgery in New York City and across the country some surgeons with little or no training have been offering illegal injections, at times using materials that aren’t FDA-approved. However, the procedure offers excellent results and a high safety profile when performed by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Butt lift NYC

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand when you’re trying to achieve your dream butt, as gluteal exercises and padded clothing can only go so far. If you’re contemplating butt lift surgery in New York City, Dr. Thomas Loeb is trusted for his experience and subtle artistry in helping women attain their curvy back side goals.

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