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Nipple Enhancement Surgery is a Simple, Fast Procedure

Andrew | September 26, 2012 | Posted in Breast Augmentation

Large areolae, or inverted or protruding nipples can cause women embarrassment, but they are not permanent conditions. In fact, nipple surgery, such as inverted nipples correction and nipple reduction in NYC, is a minimally invasive procedure that takes about an hour – and gets patients back to their normal lives in just days. If your self-image could use a boost, nipple enhancement surgery could be the key to alleviating your concerns.

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Nipple reduction NYC begins with a consultation

Nipple enhancement surgery in New York begins with an initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. During the consultation, you’ll identify areas of concern and your doctor will discuss the options.

For example, women who elect to have an inverted nipples correction are classified by a three-category system: Grade I, Grade II and Grade III. Grade I applies to nipples that sometimes evert, or pop out, without touch or other manipulation. Grade II nipples only evert after being manipulated, while nipples classified as Grade III do not come out under any circumstance.

In some cases, inverted nipples may be improved with non-surgical procedures, but in most cases surgery is the recommended treatment option. Large areolae and other nipple concerns are best treated with surgery, as well.

Nipple enhancement surgery New York

Nipple enhancement surgery in New York is a fast procedure that can be completed in about an hour. Corrections include areola reduction, tip shortening, inverted nipples correction, and combinations of two or more procedures.

Since this is most often an elective surgery to improve physical appearance, your surgeon will make a small, clean incision at the base of the nipple that will heal to be almost invisible. For inverted nipples correction, a skilled plastic surgeon will release the fibers tethering the nipple to the foreshortened duct, thus freeing it from inversion.

For areola reduction, the doctor will remove a pie-shaped wedge; to reduce tip length, your surgeon will remove the desired length from the end of the nipple. These are outpatient procedures that are often performed in the cosmetic surgeon’s office-based unit.

Patients return to their normal lives within days

The recovery from nipple enhancement surgery is relatively fast. You may leave the office as soon as feel ready, and may return to work or other activities the following day. With three days of the procedure, you will be cleared for light exercise. Restrictive clothing, including bras, are not recommended for 10-14 days following the surgery, but you may wear cotton tank tops or camisoles with built-in support. In no time at all, you’ll be ready to debut your new nipples – and a more confident you!

To learn more about nipple enhancement surgery New York, or nipple reduction NYC, please call the Fifth Ave. office of Dr. Loeb at 212-327-3700 to schedule a private breast surgery consultation.

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