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Perma Smile Surgery – The Latest Craze in South Korea

Ava Lawson | September 6, 2013 | Posted in Facelift

South Korea’s love affair with plastic surgery has made headlines, and one lasting craze that has swept the nation has left some people cringing at its intended effect: an everlasting smile. Known as smile lipt (lip + lift = lipt), the procedure elevates the corners of the mouth slightly, giving patients a happy look, though some unverified photos circling the net have been labeled more of a creepy, Joker-style grin.

The quest for a more Western appearance has driven thousands of South Korean women into their plastic surgeons’ offices, where they demand double eyelids, softer jaw lines and now, a permanent smile. Also known as “mouth corner surgery,” the operation is popular at the South Korean AOne Plastic Surgery Clinic, but will perma smile surgery in NYC ever take off?

Will smile lipt in New York become the latest fad?

Of the perma smile surgery, South Korea’s Dr. Kwon Taek Keun says, “When mouth corners are lifted up, a bright and gentle image is created, and the uplifted mouth corners create a bright and jolly appearance. When corners lift up during a conversation, the person appears sincere and confident.” The procedure costs around $2000 and is suited for those with asymmetric or drooping mouth corners, according to Kwon.

Will Cain, an ESL teacher currently working in South Korea told ABC News, “Appearances are critical here. For example, on CVs and resumes, pictures must be included at the top. Women in particular always need to appear properly primped. With a procedure like this, Koreans may believe they would appear kinder or happier than they really are. Not only does this help someone’s social life, it may also help a person’s career.”

Given the demand for the procedure, it seems there are a growing number of patients willing to risk adverse side effects of perma smile surgery, including scarring and “over correction” to achieve the perfect look.

For women who are thinking about perma smile surgery in NYC, there are several factors worth considering. A good cosmetic surgeon will advise against falling prey to plastic surgery fads and outline the best options (many of which are non-invasive and not permanent) for achieving your desired look.

As always, your smartest bet is meeting with a skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has extensive experience and glowing patient reviews. Those living in the greater Manhattan area know that Dr. Thomas Loeb is a leader in the field of facial rejuvenation and lip enhancement. Whether you’re contemplating a lip augmentation with temporary fillers or a lasting solution to thin or down-turned lips, Dr. Loeb can discuss the pros and cons of several procedures.

Leading Manhattan plastic surgeon

Only time will tell if smile lipt in New York trends upward; in the meantime if you are dissatisfied with your smile or would like more information on lip enhancement procedures like PermaLip implants, we invite you to call Dr. Loeb’s Fifth Avenue office to schedule a private and confidential consultation. Since any type of cosmetic procedure carries some degree of risk, Dr. Loeb will discuss these thoroughly during your one-on-one meeting, and help you decide if a cosmetic procedure is right for you.

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