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How Do They Remove Nasolabial Folds With Surgery?

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Want to remove nasolabial folds? Deep nasolabial folds are removable with a surgical procedure known as the nasolabial fold excision, which involves removing a small amount of tissue in order to tighten the area and reduce the folds.

However, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to plastic surgery. In order to determine if the nasolabial fold excision procedure is right for you, you should consult a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. Since nasolabial fold excision surgery is especially challenging, it’s best to find a plastic surgeon with particular experience with this procedure.

Should I have surgery to correct my deep laugh lines?

The decision to have plastic surgery is a highly personal one that you will have to make in collaboration with a qualified plastic surgeon. If you have mild laugh lines, your surgeon might recommend nonsurgical alternatives, with the understanding that you may require nasolabial fold surgery later on as your face shows more signs of aging. However, if you have deep laugh lines, nonsurgical alternatives will not be sufficient to produce dramatic improvements. In this case, nasolabial fold surgery can be a good option.

Many people are good candidates for this type of plastic surgery. However, you’ll need to provide your plastic surgeon with your complete health history to ensure your safety. In addition, the surgeon may ask you to undergo a few medical tests to make sure you are healthy enough for the procedure.

Can a facelift correct nasolabial folds?

A facelift is commonly thought to remove nasolabial folds. Indeed, a facelift may help soften the appearance of minor folds. However, facelifts by themselves are insufficient to address moderate to deep laugh lines. If you have other age-related aesthetic concerns besides your deep laugh lines, your plastic surgeon might recommend that you consider having both surgeries for optimum results.

How do plastic surgeons remove nasolabial folds with surgery?

The word “excision” literally means to remove by cutting out. During a nasolabial fold excision, the plastic surgeon will create small incisions on either side of the mouth and remove a small portion of skin. The remaining skin can then be stretched tighter and sutured, creating the appearance of dramatically softened folds. The plastic surgeon will position the incisions so that the surgical scars will be as hidden as possible within the new folds.

In some cases, the plastic surgeon may also recommend the placement of a cheek implant on either side of the face. This may be appropriate for you if the primary cause of your deep nasolabial folds is cheeks that are drooping or sunken with age. The cheek implants will plump up the region, adding volume and creating better definition to produce a more youthful overall appearance.

Patients undergoing nasolabial fold surgery only rarely require general anesthesia, typically as a matter of preference. It’s more common to administer only local anesthesia, sometimes paired with a sedative, to improve the patient’s comfort level. Once the patient is comfortably numb, the procedure itself will usually only take about an hour to perform. The patient can then return home that same day.

Plastic surgeons typically leave the sutures in for about five to six days before removing them. It will be necessary for the patient to follow post-discharge instructions regarding cleaning the incision sites. It’s normal to experience some swelling and bruising in the area. This should resolve in about a week, at which time patients usually feel confident going about their daily routine again. As soon as the surgeon approves it, makeup can be used to conceal the scars until they fade.

Schedule your nasolabial fold surgery consultation in NYC

If you are troubled by the appearance of moderate to deep nasolabial folds, you can find the customized treatment plan you need at the Manhattan office of Dr. Thomas Loeb.

Dr. Loeb is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience with facial procedures, including facelifts and nasolabial fold excisions. Furthermore, during his long and successful career, Dr. Loeb has acquired an international reputation for his unwavering commitment to patient care and safety. You can schedule a consultation for a nasolabial fold surgery in NYC with Dr. Loeb at his Fifth Avenue office by calling today.

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