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Combined Liposuction & Tummy Tuck in NYC Offers Best Results, Study Says

Jenn Fusion | September 18, 2013 | Posted in Body, Liposuction

It’s safe to say most women in America have a few inches they’d like to lose around their midsections. The stomach is one of the most troublesome realms to shed excess fat, no matter how much dieting and exercising a person does. Men and women who are looking to “flatten out” often come into Dr. Loeb’s office wondering: Which is better…  liposuction or a tummy tuck? As it turns out, the answer is both!

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A study published in the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons looked at 551 patients who underwent liposuction (384), abdominoplasty (17), or a combination procedure (150) over the course of five years. While the procedures were very safe individually, study author Dr. Eric Swanson found that combining the procedures helped to minimize tissue trauma and bring about the most impressive final results.

Combining tummy tucks & liposuction in New York City for the best results

During a combined procedure, which is sometimes called “lipoabdominoplasty,” the ultrasonic liposuction is first done to remove excess fat from the abdomen and love handles areas. Next, the tummy tuck portion is done to eliminate loose skin and excess abdominal tissue.

Seromas are one possible complication that may occur when fluid collects under the skin due to tissue trauma. Sometimes surgeons leave a little bit of extra abdominal fat and connective tissue behind to reduce this risk. The study found that no liposuction patients and five percent of abdominoplasty patients developed seromas.

Unfortunately, the results are not as good when extra fat and tissue are left behind. During the combination procedure, plastic surgeons are able to use shorter periods of ultrasound and eliminate the use of electro-dissection during surgery to minimize the risk of seromas and achieve better outcomes.

Other advanced techniques include injecting epinephrine into the fluid-filled tissues to reduce blood loss and modifying anesthesia to “total anesthesia without muscle paralysis” to reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs. As a result, only one patient encountered a complication, which was quickly resolved, and patients spent an average of just 51 minutes in the recovery room following surgery.

Furthermore, the deep tissue anchoring technique keeps the scar low and hidden within the bikini line to provide better results. In study follow-ups, Dr. Swanson reported high levels of patient satisfaction and improved self-esteem patients who underwent the procedures – especially the combined procedure.

Liposuction & tummy tuck in NYC are safe with the right surgeon

The tummy tuck and liposuction techniques are now available to provide you with a flatter, trimmer looking stomach you can feel proud of, but it takes the right plastic surgeon to bring optimal results to fruition. Dr. Loeb is a Manhattan plastic surgeon with an impeccable track record and excellent patient satisfaction ratings. He is a plastic surgeon you can trust, as he’ll explain each option in detail to help you make the most informed decision about which procedures make the best fit for your goals. To learn more about a tummy tuck or fat removal in NYC, please call his Manhattan plastic surgery office at 212-327-3700 to schedule a consultation.

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Science Daily – Combined Liposuction/Tummy Tuck Offers Best of Both Procedures, Study Suggests

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