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5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Season for Plastic Surgery

Loeb Staff | October 27, 2022 | Posted in News

Planning your next cosmetic procedure? Fall is the perfect season for new beginnings—whether you’re dreaming of a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or tummy tuck.

Every season has benefits for surgery, but fall is one of the best times to schedule your appointment. Here’s why you should book your next plastic surgery appointment with Dr. Loeb this fall.

#1 – Avoid the Summer Heat

With fewer hours of sunshine and dropping temperatures during the fall season, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable inflammation from sweltering summer temperatures. In addition, cooler temperatures translate to more time indoors, so you won’t have to worry about scarring after your surgery.

Remember: Sun and new incisions don’t mix well together. Sun exposure can cause incisions to darken, so it’s important to stay out of the sun until your incisions are fully healed.

#2 – Extra Recovery Time

Between family vacations, taking care of the kids, and social arrangements, summer can be chaotic—and it’s not always easy to leave enough room for recovery in your schedule. As your schedule cools down and the kids head back to school, you’ll have extra time to rest during the fall.

When your kids are at school, you won’t have to worry about running around the house, and you’ll have time to recover from the comfort of your couch or bed. You’ll also have more time to take naps during the day, which can help speed up your recovery time.

#3 – Cover Up After Surgery

It’s normal to spend a few days at home after your surgery. But when you return to your regular responsibilities, you’ll probably experience some minor bruising and swelling.

Fall fashion makes it easier to cover up, with comfortable fabrics that help you conceal the healing process when you return to work. Long sweaters and plush cardigans not only feel soothing against healing skin, but they can also help conceal stretching, bruising, or swelling while you recover.

#4 – Recover Before the Holidays

It might be tempting to postpone your plastic surgery until the winter, but the holidays can be stressful. When you schedule your cosmetic procedure earlier in the fall season, you’ll have plenty of time to recover before you start planning for the holidays.

Whether you’re traveling or staying home, you’ll be healed and ready to spend time with your loved ones without worrying about recovery.

#5 – Greater Flexibility With Appointments

Many patients wait until January to schedule plastic surgery, whether they’re looking to start the new year off with a bang or waiting until the holidays are over. As a result, January schedules are typically packed for plastic surgeons.

When you book in the fall instead, you can choose the perfect time for your schedule and you’ll have the flexibility to schedule follow-up visits before the January rush starts. By the time everyone else is starting their plastic surgery journey, you’ll be recovered!

Professional Plastic Surgery in NYC

When you’re ready to transform your aesthetic goals into a reality, schedule a professional plastic surgery consultation in NYC.

Dr. Thomas Loeb, a board-certified plastic surgeon with exceptional artistry and proven clinical skills, will listen to your goals to provide personalized care throughout your treatment. Call today to book your fall plastic surgery consultation.

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