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How to Get the Cleavage You Want with Plastic Surgery

Jacky Gale | October 12, 2018 | Posted in Breast Augmentation
woman's cleavage while buttoning her shirt

Every woman desires to feel self-confident and feminine. For many, the solution for achieving that self-confidence is breast augmentation surgery, perhaps combined with a breast lift procedure to produce a taut, youthful silhouette. One of the many questions you’ll have to consider as a potential breast augmentation patient is: Are you satisfied with the current appearance of your cleavage?

Are you happy with your cleavage?

Cleavage is a concept that goes beyond cup size. It actually refers to the closeness of the breasts. Women often feel sexier and more feminine with close cleavage, and flattering clothes tend to hang well on this type of silhouette. The main factor that determines cleavage is how the pectoralis major muscles come together at the mid-line.

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If you have breast augmentation surgery, then the added volume of the implants may slightly narrow the gap between the breasts. However, the difference will be negligible—unless you’ve informed the plastic surgeon that you’re interested in narrowing the gap and improving your cleavage along with your cup size. There are a few factors that the plastic surgeon will consider when planning improvements to a patient’s cleavage. During the treatment planning process, the surgeon will evaluate:

  • The prominence of the breastbone
  • The chest wall structure
  • The amount of fatty tissue over the sternum
  • And the relative positions of your nipples

Selecting the right shape of implant

One way to enhance a woman’s natural cleavage is to be selective regarding the shape of the chosen implant. Generally, a round implant will result in a narrower gap than a teardrop-shaped implant. This is due to the wider base of the round implant.

Positioning the implants

It’s commonly thought that cleavage can be enhanced by simply placing the implants closer together. A plastic surgeon can indeed do this, but only to a certain degree.

Skilled surgeons know that the implants must still be centered underneath the nipples.

If the implants are too far off the center, the end result is that the nipples will point outwards, toward the armpits. There is also an increased risk of rippling, which looks unnatural.

It’s important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon who can enhance your cleavage, but without sacrificing the natural look of the breasts. Another factor to consider is the placement of the implants. Usually, the implants are placed underneath the pectoralis muscle. The pectoralis muscle can be elevated as much as possible to enhance cleavage, as long as it is not disconnected from the breastbone.

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