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NYC Breast Lift Surgery May Alter Cup Size, Study Finds

Andrew | July 22, 2014 | Posted in Body, Breast Augmentation

New York breast implant surgeonApproximately 90,000 breast lift procedures are performed annually in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The purpose of the surgery is to provide a perkier breast position with a more youthful body contour overall. However, a recent study found that breast lift surgery may decrease breast volume by as much as one cup size, although all of the women included in the study said they were satisfied with the results of their breast lift surgery.

Study offers five-year look

The study, performed by Dr. Katie Elizabeth Weichman and colleagues at New York University, looked at 20 women with an average age of 47 years that underwent breast lift surgery or mastopexy. All of the women included in the study underwent the lift surgery without additional augmentation or reduction procedures to change the size of the breasts. The women were evaluated five years after their breast procedures to determine breast size and overall satisfaction with their procedures.

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Researchers found that the women experienced an average decrease of one cup size within that five-year time frame. Factors like weight gain were taken into consideration. The women also reported the size change within a single bra manufacturer, to ensure sizing remained consistent within the study. Only one of the women in the study reported a gain in breast size, but this appeared to be due to outside factors like weight gain and hormone replacement therapy.

Surgery not culprit in breast size change

Researchers noted that breast lift surgery alone does not alter the size of the breasts. However, breast lift results do appear to change the way bras fit, which may change the bra size needed after surgery. Experts in the field note that women with significant breast ptosis (sagging breasts) may be more comfortable in a more loosely-fitting bra. Once the breasts are restored to their more youthful position, a snugger fit may be preferred.

While mastopexy alone does not alter the size of the breasts, the perception of a smaller cup size may change the way some women view the results of their breast lift in New York City. For this reason, researchers encourage plastic surgeons to help their patients develop realistic expectations after mastopexy about the size and shapes of their breasts post-surgery.

If patients are concerned about a seemingly smaller cup size after surgery, a combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation may be recommended.

Finding a qualified NYC breast lift surgeon

Dr. Loeb is experienced in both NYC breast lift surgery and breast augmentation procedures. He works with each patient to ensure surgery is customized to your specific needs and desired outcome. If a woman is unhappy with the size of her breasts after breast lift surgery, breast augmentation is an option to fill out breast volume and add cleavage to a woman’s body profile.

If you are considering a breast lift procedure, now is the time to schedule your personal breast surgery consultation with Dr. Thomas Loeb. Computer-assisted before and after photos can help provide a realistic expectation of what your breasts will look like after your surgical procedure. If size is a concern, Dr. Loeb can go over your options in breast augmentation surgery, from saline and silicone implants to autologous fat transfer.

To learn more about breast lift and breast augmentation procedures, contact Dr. Loeb’s Fifth Avenue office at 212-327-3700.

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