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Options for Breast Lift in NYC

Andrew | October 2, 2012 | Posted in Breast Augmentation

As women age, breastfeed, experience fluctuations in weight, or simply fall prey to gravity or heredity, their skin may lose elasticity, making the breasts sag or droop. A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, tightens skin, restores volume and returns breasts to their proper position.

The result is an attractive, more youthful appearance – and a happier, more confident woman.

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Several options for breast lift NYC

A breast lift begins with an initial consultation with the surgeon. During this session, women are encouraged to identify any complaints and discuss their desired outcome of surgery. The doctor will also take a detailed medical history and examine the breasts, making careful measurements to assess skin elasticity, breast sag (ptosis), breast volume, nipple and areolae position, and breast symmetry.

Based on a woman’s goals, the surgeon will recommend the best breast lift procedure best for them. For example, women who desire repositioning and lift only will likely be recommended a straight mastopexy.

However, some women combine their breast lift in NYC with a breast augmentation to restore volume and improve the shape of the breast.

NY plastic surgeon Dr. Loeb can perform a variety of techniques

The best plastic surgeons in New York have the experience and skills necessary to achieve beautiful results with the smallest incision.

When Dr. Loeb performs a breast lift NYC, he may select a circumareolar procedure, which uses several tiny incisions around the nipple complex. This surgery technique is appropriate for women who have mild to moderate ptosis (breast droop), or when a breast lift is combined with augmentation surgery. For a more substantial breast lift and repositioning, Dr. Loeb will often select a lollipop procedure, which combines a circular incision around the areola with a vertical incision beneath it.

For cases of large degree breast sag, Dr. Loeb may perform at classical breast lift, making an incision around the areola and also vertical and horizontal incisions in the breast crease. Breast lift surgery in NYC takes approximately three to four hours, depending on how complicated the procedure is.

Best plastic surgeons in New York offer least recovery time

After surgery and as soon as patients are completely awake and ready, they may go home with a family member or friend. Rest and recovery is recommended for a full seven days, but it may be possible to return to work (no heavy lifting) as soon as five days following breast lift surgery. If drain tubes were inserted during surgery, they will be removed within three to five days. Except for specific cases, all sutures are dissolvable.

Immediately following surgery, the breasts feel firm and full even if no augmentation was performed. Swelling and bruising may last for up to three weeks, during which time patients are required to wear a special support bra for at least three to five days. After this time, they may switch to a sports bra; around the three-week mark they may resume wear of regular bras and bikini tops.

About three months after the procedure, swelling is gone and the breasts will have achieved their final shape and perkiness.

Breast lift in NYC

If you are interested in learning more about having a breast lift in NYC, or to schedule a private breast surgery consultation with NY plastic surgeon Dr. Loeb, call his Fifth Avenue office at 212-327-3700.

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