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Considering Lip Augmentation?

Loeb Staff | June 2, 2022 | Posted in lip fillers

Full, pouty lips are a sensuous feminine feature that many women desire. If your lips are naturally thin or have thinned over the years, you may consider having a lip augmentation. They are quite popular, but before you decide to move forward, you should be aware of the basics of lip anatomy and how it can affect appearance. As always, it’s advisable to speak with a plastic surgeon for personalized guidance, as everyone’s anatomy and aesthetic goals are unique.

Getting to know the anatomy of your lips

The lips are comprised of many components, including:

  • Vermillion – This is the red part of your lips.
  • Vermillion border – This thin line separates the vermillion from the rest of the skin.
  • Cupid’s bow – At the top center of your upper lip, you’ll see two symmetrical elevations of the vermillion–vaguely reminiscent of a heart shape. This is Cupid’s Bow. The peaks of this bow are the Glogau-Klein points.
  • Philtrum – This is the indentation that rises from between the Glogau-Klein points and extends up to your nose.
  • Philtral columns – The philtrum is bordered by two philtral columns on either side.
  • Oral commissures – These are the corners of the mouth.

How do aging and other factors affect the appearance of the lips?

Collagen is partially responsible for the shape and volume of your lips. Your skin naturally produces collagen, but its production declines with age. As a result, the lips tend to get thinner and less plump. As collagen declines, the philtral columns and the Cupid’s Bow get flatter, vertical wrinkles develop, and the oral commissures begin to sag.

Aging is inevitable, but that isn’t the only factor that can cause dissatisfaction with the appearance of the lips. The cumulative damage from ultraviolet rays plays a role. Smokers are also prone to developing premature and highly noticeable wrinkles around the lips. Furthermore, some people naturally have thinner lips or asymmetrical features due to heredity. Fortunately, a plastic surgeon can address all of these issues.

Achieving the perfect pout with lip augmentation

If you have lips that are thin due to genetics, then a permanent lip augmentation implant may be ideal for you. An implant will also work well for patients who desire a permanent solution to their thin lips, regardless of whether genetics played a role.

Otherwise, injectable fillers are a standard treatment. A plastic surgeon can inject various types of lip fillers to plump up the vermillion and accentuate the vermillion border. It’s also possible to soften the perioral wrinkles using skin resurfacing treatments or Botox injections.

Consult a world-renowned plastic surgeon in NYC

Your lips are one of your most visible features. So, it’s essential to receive a lip augmentation that benefits from the thoughtful planning and superior technical skills of an experienced clinician.

Many individuals in New York City and beyond trust Dr. Thomas Loeb—a world-renowned plastic surgeon with impeccable aesthetic judgment and a long track record of satisfied patients. Dr. Loeb offers multiple methods of lip augmentation and will help you determine which method is best suited to you. Call our office in Manhattan to request a confidential consultation.

Additional resources on lip augmentation

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