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Getting a Tummy Tuck in NYC: What to Expect

Jenn Fusion | July 6, 2013 | Posted in Liposuction

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat. The result? A smoother, firmer abdomen, and restoring weakened or separated muscles that cause your mid-section to look flabby. The abdomen is carefully sculpted and contoured to create a more youthful physique.

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Tummy tuck NYC

The surgery can take anywhere from three to four hours. During a full abdominoplasty, the plastic surgeon will make a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen from hip to hip and another incision around the belly button to remove fat, and tighten and repair muscles. During a mini tummy tuck, only the horizontal bikini line incision is made for fat removal, tighten the lower abdomen and remove loose skin. Often, this procedure is combined with liposuction for the best look.

In rare cases, an overnight stay in the hospital may be required. You will receive general anesthesia that puts you to sleep during the operation, so someone will need to stay there with you and drive you home after the procedure.

Who should see a New York City plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck?

Both men and women can have a tummy tuck done, as long as they are in good health. Women who have had several pregnancies often come to a New York City plastic surgeon such as Dr. Loeb to restore their pre-pregnancy look. Individuals who were formerly obese may find that they cannot achieve the look they want with all that stretched-out, excess skin hanging around the belly. People who found limited success with diet and exercise can have a tummy tuck done to achieve a more polished, attractive appearance.

Women who plan to get pregnant should postpone the tummy tuck surgery until they are done having children. The surgery tightens the vertical muscles, which can become later separated during a pregnancy. Individuals who plan to lose weight should also avoid getting a tummy tuck in NYC, as this is a last resort procedure – not the first step to weight loss.  Ideally, you should be within 10% of your ideal body weight before your tummy tuck.

What expectations should patients realistically have?

A tummy tuck can work wonders for individuals who have been suffering with saggy, flabby stomachs due to pregnancy, aging, weight fluctuations, prior surgery or heredity. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the tummy tuck is no substitute for eating healthy and exercising. Tummy tucks cannot erase stretch marks, although their appearance may be diminished. No matter how skilled the surgeon may be, there will be some scarring after the procedure. These scars will be discreetly located below the underwear line, so most people don’t mind. With proper use of prescribed creams and with a little time, the scars may fade, but they will still be there.

What are the risks and possible complications from a tummy tuck in NYC?

Generally, tummy tucks go off without a hitch. You will, however, experience pain and swelling in the days following your surgery, so you’ll need to take the prescribed pain medication. You can expect to be sore for several weeks or even months. You may be tired, and experience a bruised and numb feeling. It may take up to three months for the swelling to fully subside.

In rare cases, any surgical procedure carries a risk of infection, bleeding under the skin, blood clots and poor wound healing. Individuals with diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, poor circulation and smoking habits have the highest risk. Some people react poorly to anesthesia, so a comprehensive physical is recommended to determine your eligibility for surgery.

What is the recovery period like?

You can expect to be back to work within 10 to 14 days. Some people like to take a month off work, so they can take it easy and recuperate. You can return to light cardio exercise in a week and begin more strenuous activities in three to six weeks. The tummy tuck area will be stitched and bandaged with a firm elastic band that promotes healing. You may not feel like your normal self for a month or two after the surgery, but once you get a look at the final result, you should feel jubilant about your improved appearance. Diet and exercise will help you maintain the results of a tummy tuck in NYC.

Finding the best New York City plastic surgeon

Dr. Thomas Loeb is a renowned New York City plastic surgeon who has appeared on television, in magazines and in high-profile plastic surgery success stories. Because of his over 30 years of experience and reassuring disposition, most clients return to have another procedure done down the road.

The initial consultation is an important part of the tummy tuck process. During this appointment, Dr. Loeb will explain the procedure, the recovery, the risks, and the results. To scedule a private consultation with Dr. Loeb, please call his Fifth Avenue office at 212-327-3700.

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