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The Dos and Don’ts of Gifting Plastic Surgery This Holiday

Jacky Gale | December 1, 2016 | Posted in News

doctor prepping woman for fat graft

The idea of giving a loved one the gift of plastic surgery this holiday might seem rather unusual. Although jewelry, luxury watches, and winter coats are all conventional holiday gifts, you might be looking for something unique for that special someone in your life.

A gift certificate to a plastic surgery practice is a thoughtful way to show your affection. However, because of the sensitive nature of cosmetic enhancements, there are some definite dos and don’ts to be aware of before you make your purchase.

Do discuss the gift in advance

It’s customary for gifts to be a surprise, but certain types of gifts shouldn’t be. After all, you wouldn’t give a family member a new puppy without discussing it beforehand, would you? The same applies to cosmetic enhancements. You might have noticed that your significant other has developed some crow’s feet or perhaps a double chin. Giving a gift certificate for Botox or liposuction may be done with the best of intentions, but unless the recipient has expressed an interest in these treatments, you should not assume that he or she actually wants them.

Don’t choose the provider for the gift recipient

Discussing the gift of plastic surgery in advance allows you to avoid making this mistake. It’s never a good idea to select a specific plastic surgeon for your loved one because he or she might simply not be a good fit. Undergoing plastic surgery is a major decision and your significant other needs to feel confident with the surgeon’s skills and comfortable discussing highly sensitive information with the surgeon.

Do tell the recipient that your love is unconditional

Unfortunately, it’s easy for the intention behind gifts to be misinterpreted. A “Dummy’s Guide to Cooking,” for example, might tell your significant other that you find his or her meals unpalatable. Similarly, a gift certificate for liposuction might make your loved one feel as though you are criticizing his or her body.

Remind your better half that your love and attraction have not lessened, but that you wanted to gift plastic surgery this year because you understand how much your loved one has wanted to have a certain procedure.

Don’t aggressively follow up on the gift

After giving your significant other a gift certificate or a promise to pay for a cosmetic procedure, avoid bringing up the subject too frequently. The recipient should feel free to take plenty of time choosing a plastic surgeon and making sure that the procedure is indeed appropriate for him or her.

Do consult a board-certified plastic surgeon

The credentials, experience and artistry of the plastic surgeon are among the most important factors to consider when planning cosmetic enhancements. When patients turn to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Loeb, they often do so because of his sterling reputation, his commitment to ongoing professional development, and the unparalleled artistry of his work. For patients who do not live near Manhattan, Dr. Loeb’s office provides special “fly-in” accommodations. Call 212.327.3700 to learn more and schedule a private consultation.

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