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Google Glass Plastic Surgery: The Wave of the Future?

Andrew | April 29, 2014 | Posted in Body, Facelift, Rhinoplasty Surgery

Google Glass Plastic SurgeryGoogle Glass may still be in the testing phase, but that isn’t stopping some cosmetic surgeons from exploring how the new technology could enhance the patient’s experience in the operating room. The glass has been used by just a handful of surgeons worldwide thus far, including a cosmetic doctor in Chicago who recently performed the first Google Glass rhinoplasty. As more surgeons consider the possibilities of the glass, benefits and concerns over use of such technology are being discussed by medical professionals around the globe.

NBC Chicago reported last December that Dr. Anil Shah used Google Glass to repair a patient’s nose after it was smashed in an amusement park injury. The patient, a young mother who preferred not to be named, was able to see the results of her rhinoplasty before the cast was removed from her nose, thanks to images recorded by Google Glass prior to casting.  Dr. Shah said the glass proved very useful during the procedure, since the patient suffered both external and internal injury to the nose.

Google Glass is being used in other types of surgical arenas as well, which could fuel the demand for the technology during other cosmetic procedures. In Seattle, a Harborview Medical Center trauma surgeon has been experimenting with the use of Google Glass in the operating room. Dr. Heather Evans told the Seattle Times that while there are numerous potential benefits of using the technology, there could be some drawbacks as well.

One big benefit of Google Glass is the surgeon’s ability to access x-rays, or lab results on the spot, without ever having to turn away from the patient. Surgeons can also call on other experts during an operation if they encounter a situation they have not seen before. The technology can also provide a bird’s eye view to medical students, teaching specific techniques and procedures as if they were standing right next to the surgeon in the operating room.

About Google Glass plastic surgery

Google Glass is revolutionary technology that brings your computer right before your eyes. Users can check emails, scan the Internet, take photos or video, or make phone calls with a simple voice command. Also known as an optical head-mounted display or OHMD, the glass features a small screen that sits directly in front of the right eye, revealing information the user wants with the same speed and efficiency of a computer or tablet.

Currently, Google Glass is still in the beta test mode, which means only a handful of select individuals have had access to the new technology. However, as the glass proves its worth in a variety of venues, including the operating room, the expectation is that the glass will become much more prominent in the near future. Surgeons around the world are watching the trials with interest, contemplating how Google Glass might enhance the experience and results of their own patients.

There are some potential drawbacks to using the technology during plastic surgery. The technology is dependent on a strong Wi-Fi signal, which isn’t always available in all operating rooms. There are also significant concerns over patient privacy, as surgeons are able to send video and photos of patient operations all over the world. Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is also still pending at this time. For now, surgeons that want to use the technology in the operating room must have patients sign specific consent forms to allow it.

Finding a plastic surgeon NYC

The field of plastic surgery is an evolving one, as surgeons discover new techniques and technology that promise to improve the patient’s level of care and results. Dr. Thomas Loeb, often ranked among the best plastic surgeons in New York City and best for rhinoplasty NYC, is up to date on all the latest developments in cosmetic surgery to keep his patients abreast of the best surgical options available.

If you want to learn more about new techniques in plastic surgery today, contact his Fifth Avenue office at 212-327-3700 to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Loeb.

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