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5 Things That Will Surprise You About Botox

Sarah Klein | November 17, 2016 | Posted in Skin Care

botox injectionBotox is an injectable treatment for wrinkles, forehead lines, crow’s feet (fine lines around the eyes) and facial creases. It works by intercepting signals sent to the muscles from the nerves. Once Botox is injected, the muscles can’t contract. As a result, the wrinkles smooth out.

Many people are familiar with the name Botox, but here are 5 surprising facts that you might not know.

5 facts about Botox

  1. Botox is a toxin, called botulinum, that is produced from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Does “toxin” and “bacterium” mean it’s not safe? No. In fact, Botox is an extremely safe treatment. Bacteria are all around us, and many produce toxins that are helpful in health and medical contexts. Dr. Mathew Avram, director of the dermatology laser and cosmetic center at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston notes that Botox has no significant long-term risks to safety. “Botox truly stands out as a safe and effective treatment,” he observes, “that has revolutionized the way we can achieve facial rejuvenation.”
  2. Botox is a brand name for botulinum. Like “Jacuzzi” for whirlpool baths or “Kleenex” for tissue, the brand name has become the term by which all the products are known. Other botulinum brand names are Xeomin and Dysport.
  3. Botox injections in the U.S. began 14 years ago. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it for use in treating frown lines in April 2002. Since that time, millions of patients have successfully undergone treatment.
  4. Botox treatment takes less than 20 minutes. It is a lunch-hour procedure consisting of injections with a fine needle. The injections are targeted to specific muscles and don’t require anesthetic. Patients may feel minor discomfort or experience temporary bruising at the site of the injection. Some patients develop headaches after treatment, but these are very rare and stop within 24 to 48 hours.
  5. Patients should not expect to see immediate results. It usually takes 7 days to see the full effect. The results should last anywhere from three to four months. Over time, wrinkles may become less noticeable without injections due to repeated Botox treatments.

Botox treatment in NYC

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