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Allure Magazine Chooses Hottest Celebrity Skin Treatments

Andrew | December 22, 2014 | Posted in Skin Care

skin care treatmentFrom hot spot fillers to overnight zit killers, the stars need every tool in a skin doctor’s arsenal to stay on the right side of public perception. For people whose very existence depends on their looks, they know the camera is unforgiving. Every zit, bump, wrinkle, or ripple is gleefully plastered across Instagram, Twitter, and TMZ in a nanosecond so everyone can wring their hands that so and so’s perfectly cultivated image might be starting to come apart. Worst of all, they may actually be starting to look like the rest of us!

Whatever skin problem a celebrity client has, a top skin treatment doctor has already figured out a fast and effective way to fix it. Allure Magazine recently put together some of the hottest celebrity skin treatments that the stars are getting in order to stay on top.

Attack of the killer zits stopped in its tracks

We’ve already heard that a cortisone shot is effective for wiping out most pimples in a couple of days. But Dr. Jessica Wu caps the shot off with Intense Pulsed Light, which she says cuts the healing time in half. Not fast enough, says Patricia Wexler at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in NYC. Ms. Wexler eschews the pulsating lights and goes for a straight dose of a powerful dehydrator, trichloracetic acid, which she says can flatten out a monster zit and all its redness in 24 hours.

If zits are not the problem but looking and feeling run down is, then an anti-aging IV might do the trick. Norman Leaf of the Davis Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA prepares a star-powered IV of vitamins B and C, calcium gluconate, and magnesium chloride. He claims his patients emerge energized and glowing from the vasodilating properties of the IV. Aesthetician Melanie Simon of LA adds amino acids to the vitamin cocktail to increase the flow of blood to the skin.

Another glow restorer before a party or major event is laser skin treatments to kick start the production of collagen, which in turn reduces fine wrinkles and large pores.

The Angels of Victoria’s Secret fly in for skin care treatments in NYC

Do the famed supermodels of Victoria’s Secret really need anything done at all before their big fashion show in NY? Sure they do, says dermatologist David Colbert. He starts a full body “facial” with microdermabrasion and a laser treatment to stimulate collagen production. He then does a skin peel of glycolic acid and lavender followed by another collagen building bath. He tops it off with a cream of tremella mushroom extract to make the Angels’ skin looking rich and radiant.

Electric facials “rev up the energy of the cells”

In Hollywood, plastic surgery is not always the first option. Microcurrent and lower frequency nanocurrent skin treatments stimulate a client’s natural cell repair, give a glow to the skin, wipe out dark circles, and zap acne causing bacteria.  For skin tightening, there are Power Facials which combine exfoliating peels, Intense Pulsed Light for any brown spots, microdermabrasion, and radio frequency to tighten everything up. For facials that require extraction, a gauze application of freezing-cold liquid nitrogen kills any bacteria that are released onto the skin surface.

There are calcium-based hot spot fillers injected just under the skin to make hands look smooth and youthful. Ultrasonic plumping mixes hyaluronic acid and collagen protein to deeply hydrate the skin and smooth away fine lines. Even Botox, the old standby wrinkle filler, is now being injected in minuscule amounts in different areas of the forehead to give a softer look.

Wide range of options available for Manhattan skin care treatments

Even if you’re not a celebrity, Dr. Loeb and the staff at his Fifth Avenue office will treat you like the star that you are. These same facial rejuvenation options are available to anyone who wants the finest skin care treatments in NYC. Dr. Loeb offers all of the latest non-invasive skin care treatments, injectable treatments, and skin rejuvenation techniques available.

For more information, please call Dr. Loeb’s office at 212.327.3700 to schedule a private facial surgery consultation.

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