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Less Stigma Attached to Cosmetic Surgery

Jenn Fusion | July 12, 2013 | Posted in Skin Care

Betty Ford openly confessed to America that she had undergone facelift surgery to remove eye puffiness and loose neck skin. After successfully overcoming a mastectomy and several addictions, she felt it was appropriate to present a new face for the new Betty Ford.

Since Betty Ford went public with her surgery, millions of Americans have had augmentations, fillers, erasures and lifts. The agelessness of TV reporters, business moguls, athletes, actors and reality TV stars have made cashiers, lawyers, doctors, sales professionals, teachers, hairdressers, and other everyday Americans more comfortable in having a little work done to look and feel their best.

NYC plastic surgeon can do more than just turn back the clock

In the age of high-definition, 24 hour news cycles, and online social networking, looks may matter more than ever. The Atlantic reports that many Hillary Clinton supporters feel the former First Lady’s need for cosmetic surgery overshadows some of the great work she’s done in recent years. According to some, her presidential prospects for 2016 aren’t looking very bright if she looks tired, lifeless and too old for the job.

The goal of cosmetic surgery is not always to “look younger.” Dermatologist, and New York cosmetic surgery expert, Doris Day explains that many women simply want to “look refreshed and reflect how they feel on the inside.” People just want to look their best and are aware that the technology exists to create natural and beautiful outcomes.

Celebrities are opening up about the work they’ve had done

One reason that people feel more reassured these days about having work done is that many celebrities have come forward with their stories of cosmetic surgery. When Jane Fonda told Oprah that “good work” was the reason she looked so good in her seventies, the crowd applauded. Nicole Kidman admitted that she had tried Botox in the past. Even the all-natural-looking Jamie Lee Curtis said she’d had procedures done. Ashley Judd told people the reason for her puffy face was the result of steroids, and not dermal fillers, but pled for women to be more supportive, rather than judging.

Americans spent $11 billion on plastic surgery last year

Americans spent $11 billion on plastic surgery last year, and 1 million men had procedures done in 2012. But despite the fact that there was a 106% increase in the number of procedures performed since 2011, there are still plenty of people who feel the need to keep private the work they’ve had done.

The problem is that, when people don’t speak candidly about their experiences, others are quick to jump in and fill the void. The media has been all over Anthony Weiner, Christine Quinn, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi about rumors of plastic surgery that the public figures haven’t come clean about. On the other hand, magazine editors have criticized unadorned ladies like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren for looking too old.

In a word, ageism is the new sexism. What was once considered taboo is now being seen as an earned right that comes along with success. Why not feel and look one’s best?

New York cosmetic surgery: finding the best NYC plastic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery, fillers and mini-lifts may be mainstream, but along with the increased volume of customers comes an increasing number of doctors migrating over from other medical fields. Dentists, orthopedic surgeons, beauticians – they all want a piece of the pie. It’s important to find a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and who has a longstanding track record of achieving natural, youthful results.

Dr. Thomas Loeb offers private facial surgery consultations at his Manhattan office to answer any questions you may have about looking and feeling your best. To schedule a private consultation at his Fifth Avenue office, please call 212-327-3700. 

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