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Modern Techniques in Liposculpture Yield Safe, Effective Results

Jenn Fusion | February 23, 2015 | Posted in Body, Liposuction

Body TorsoHip, thigh, and flank fat removal through liposuction is nothing new. In fact, the roots of liposuction date back to the 1920s, but plastic surgeons have improved their methods over the last two decades to produce even better results.

A recent paper published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery discusses the findings from more than 4,000 patients and 20 years of research. Liposculpture “is a very sophisticated method that goes beyond the simple aspiration of adipose tissue [fat] and allows the surgeon to modify the shape of the body and recontour the profile,” researchers wrote.

What is liposculpture?

Liposculpture suction lipectomy is the most common cosmetic operation in America. During the procedure, a plastic surgeon breaks up and sucks fat from the body using a small, hollow cannula inserted beneath the skin and connected to a high-pressure vacuum. The liposuction area is treated with a wetting solution to minimize bruising by shrinking blood vessels. The surgery can be done with a lot of wetting solution or just a moderate amount. Dr. Loeb prefers a moderate amount based on his experience treating over 2000 patients. It gives a more accurate, smoother, consistent result while causing less swelling.

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Liposuction is ideal for patients with a stable body weight who would like to remove undesirable pockets of fat such as “love handles,” saddlebag thighs, pot bellies, or “bat wings.” Lipo helps patients enhance their body contour, but does not eliminate cellulite, dimples, stretch marks, or overall obesity. For the best results, patients should exercise, eat well, and maintain a healthy lifestyle so the remaining fat cells do not grow bigger over time.

What does modern liposculpture technique involve?

In the past, fat was seen as a static material that needed to be removed from the body. However, plastic surgeons now look at fat as a dynamic structure in the body tied to other natural processes. To achieve better results, surgeons not only aspirate the fat tissue, but they also thin the skin to allow for better retraction, and further guide recovery through the use of compression garments and bandages.

“If performed correctly, three-dimensional liposuction of trunk, hips and thighs can yield very satisfying outcomes because of the excellent contour and enhanced skin retraction provided by the thin cutaneous [skin] adipose flap,” researchers concluded in their report.

Even patients with pregnancies, weight gain, or significant weight loss reported high satisfaction with the results in their follow-up interviews. Also, liposculpture proved to have an excellent safety profile, with only one serious complication – an infection that responded to antibiotics. Fifty patients reported fluid collection, which resolved after repeated drainage and a few other patients reported minor cosmetic issues that were corrected with simple procedures.

Liposculpture in NYC

Dr. Thomas W. Loeb has more than 27 years of experience performing liposculpture and fat removal in NYC. He combines the latest techniques with in-depth office consulting to ensure successful results. Patients wishing to travel to New York City for the best cosmetic surgery can complete their consultation with Dr. Loeb through Skype, receive a discount on nearby hotel accommodations, and arrange for a visiting nurse all through Dr. Loeb’s office.

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