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Why Winter is the Best Time for Body Contouring Surgery

Ava Lawson | February 13, 2017 | Posted in Liposuction

Summer seems eons away, but those sultry bikini-wearing months are just around the corner! If you’re itching to get your body swimsuit-ready this year and need a little plastic surgery to help get you there – now is the time to schedule those body contouring procedures you’ve been dreaming about.

While there is no hard and fast rule on the best time to have cosmetic surgery, there are a number of advantages to addressing aesthetic concerns during the colder winter months. Even the simplest of sculpting procedures can entail bruising, swelling and discomfort. Whether you’re planning on getting a tummy tuck, breast implants or a little liposuction to banish that muffin top, you need to factor in recovery time. While it’s true that breast augmentation provides instant results, did you know that it can take several months for implants to settle and residual swelling to subside? The same principle applies to thigh lifts, lipo and buttock lifts.  Most patients won’t see their final results for at least 3-6 months, when all swelling is gone.

Why wait until the last minute to give yourself a svelte beach body, when winter gives you the perfect excuse to heal at your own pace with no one the wiser. Here are just a few benefits of having body contouring surgery during winter.

Ample time to recover in comfort

A relaxing, stress-free recovery with plenty of rest time is crucial to the success of any plastic surgery. It’s often easy to use up that stored vacation time during the winter season, without arousing suspicion. Hibernating indoors for a couple of weeks comes naturally during the colder months, when it’s especially nice to binge on your favorite TV programs or cozy up with a good read.  In addition, this time of year is marked by fewer social and holiday events, allowing you to recover peacefully and without the distractions of a summer graduation or a spring time wedding.

Winter clothing camouflage

When you’re not snuggled in the comfort of your bed or sofa, you can camouflage the lingering effects of surgery with your winter wardrobe, which conveniently veils sutures, bruises and post-op compression garments. Bulky sweaters, scarves and heavy clothing not only hide signs that you’ve had surgery, they are usually loose-fitting, allowing you to recover in total comfort.

Less risk of UV exposure

Sun exposure should be avoided after most surgeries, as UV rays can increase risk of scarring, pigmentation problems and skin sensitivity. There is considerably less sun during the shorter, darker days of winter, and you’ll already be covered in several layers, meaning less chance of scarring caused by harmful UV rays.

Get your beach body this winter

Here at the Manhattan plastic surgery office of Dr. Thomas Loeb, some of our most requested body sculpting procedures include abdominoplasty, male breast reduction, Smart Lipo and breast lifts.

There is still plenty of time to sculpt your abs and whittle your waistline before beach season arrives! To learn more about body contouring surgeries in NYC, we invite you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Loeb by calling our offices today.

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