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Would You Snapchat a Plastic Surgery?

Jacky Gale | May 25, 2016 | Posted in News

woman's face being measured for rhinoplastySome might see it as an unacceptable intrusion into personal life, while others might think it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about what really happens behind the doors of an operating room. Like it or not, it appears that the presence of social media in the OR won’t be going away any time soon.

One plastic surgeon in a major U.S. city is Snapchatting his surgeries, with his patients’ permission, of course.

Snapchatting and live streaming

He claims that about half a million people view the actual images of the surgeries and watch the 10-second video clips that the surgeon shares in the Snapchat app. The media are then automatically deleted after 24 hours. In a recent interview, the plastic surgeon defended his actions, emphasizing that all of the patients whose images appear online consented to it beforehand and that they still remain anonymous. He further asserts that by removing some of the mystery of what goes on in the OR he’s helping prospective patients become more open to the idea of “having work done.”

According to the surgeon, “We act the same. We act professional and respect our patients who are asleep and in their most vulnerable state. The surgeries educate. Be engaging, and the entertainment value will come along with it.” He went on to explain that some people watch the video clips merely out of an interest in plastic surgery in general, while others tune in because they’re researching plastic surgery before they decide to have a procedure themselves.

This particular plastic surgeon isn’t the only one who is turning to social media to engage prospective patients. Recently, Facebook Live streamed video of a patient undergoing a skin tightening and lifting surgery following his 270-pound weight loss.

Mixed opinions

While the jury is out on whether live streamed and Snapchatted plastic surgeries will increase in popularity, there is a general sense that the stigma is being removed from plastic surgery. In years past, having plastic surgery might not have been something that one would ordinarily admit to, let alone discuss.

Now, men and women alike are embracing the idea that transforming their bodies through surgery can bring renewed self-confidence and even an improved quality of life. Celebrating one’s new look and steps toward personal improvement is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. But for patients who appreciate discretion and privacy, there are still highly qualified plastic surgeons who abide by a strict code of confidentiality.

Plastic surgery in NYC

At the Manhattan plastic surgery office of Dr. Thomas Loeb, the privacy and safety of our patients are our utmost priorities. Dr. Loeb is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality of his patients while performing sophisticated procedures to help patients feel and look their best.

Dr. Loeb is best known for bringing the unique combination of artistry and technical proficiency to his surgeries, which is why discerning patients come from far away to seek his services. Call Dr. Loeb’s NYC office at 212-327-3700 to schedule your confidential consult. If you’re from out of town, please inquire about our special accommodations for traveling patients.

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