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  • Kiss Your Cankles Goodbye

    Jacky Gale | July 28, 2017 | Posted in Liposuction

    Since Jason Alexander’s character in the movie Shallow Hal popularized the word “cankles,” it has become an inseparable part of the American lexicon and the bane of stiletto lovers everywhere. If you have calf-ankle issues, you don’t have to live with them. Cosmetic surgery can let you kiss your cankles goodbye, but do check with […] Read more

  • BodyTite: The Benefits of RFAL Body Contouring

    Ava Lawson | May 9, 2017 | Posted in Body

    BodyTite is a cutting-edge fat removal and skin tightening treatment that targets stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. For patients who want to get rid of unsightly bulges and sagging skin, but do not want to undergo invasive plastic surgery, this revolutionary procedure offers safe, targeted results with virtually zero downtime and […] Read more

  • Get Your Body in Shape for Swimsuit Season

    Ava Lawson | March 14, 2017 | Posted in Body

    Strappy dresses, short shorts and bikinis… oh my! Winter may be going out like a lion, but spring has nearly sprung. Swimsuit season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about getting your body swimsuit ready. Are you dreading the mere notion of a skimpy bathing suit? If you want […] Read more

  • What If I Gain Weight After A Tummy Tuck?

    Jenn Fusion | February 22, 2017 | Posted in Body

    Tummy tucks often lead to significant and lasting weight loss for patients who undergo the procedure, according to studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Researchers believe neuroendocrine mechanisms promote weight loss and encourage feelings of satiety following abdominoplasty. One year after the procedure, 14/20 women had lost more than five pounds. The average […] Read more

  • New Year’s Resolution: Look as Young as You Feel

    Jacky Gale | December 28, 2016 | Posted in Facelift

    This New Year’s Eve, make a resolution you can actually keep and resolve to turn back the clock. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Loeb can help you look as young as you feel. “There are many effective approaches for erasing the effects of aging and help you to look younger.” Fight the effects of gravity […] Read more

  • Banish the Bra Fat Bulge Forever

    Ava Lawson | October 11, 2016 | Posted in Liposuction
    breast implants in bra

    For many women, a three-way dressing room mirror provides their first glimpse of the dreaded “bra fat” rolls that tend to creep up when you least expect them. In reality, skin rolls around the bra line can happen at any age, although women with higher body mass indexes (BMI) are more likely to suffer the […] Read more

  • Recent Trends in Plastic Surgery

    Jacky Gale | June 22, 2016 | Posted in News

    Are you considering having a nip here, a tuck there? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Plastic surgery is even more popular than ever before and many patients are becoming ever more adventurous in the types of procedures they choose. Long gone are the days when cosmetic enhancements were spoken of in hushed tones. Men and women […] Read more

  • 5 Things to Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

    Ava Lawson | April 7, 2016 | Posted in Body

    Abdominoplasty is a proven way to get rid of excess skin and fat in the stomach area, and is especially helpful for patients who cannot achieve a toned core with diet and exercise alone. Also known as a tummy tuck, this plastic surgery procedure is also designed to restore damaged and weakened abdominal muscles that […] Read more

  • Plastic Surgery Solution For Former World’s Fattest Man

    Jenn Fusion | June 22, 2015 | Posted in Body

    Even though he had gone through the trouble of losing 650 pounds on his own, having the last 50 pounds surgically removed in a 9.5 hour operation made all the difference for Paul Mason, who was once deemed “the fattest man in the world” at 980 pounds. His surgery was done to remove the crippling […] Read more

  • Modern Techniques in Liposculpture Yield Safe, Effective Results

    Jenn Fusion | February 23, 2015 | Posted in Body, Liposuction

    Hip, thigh, and flank fat removal through liposuction is nothing new. In fact, the roots of liposuction date back to the 1920s, but plastic surgeons have improved their methods over the last two decades to produce even better results. A recent paper published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery discusses the findings from more than 4,000 […] Read more

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