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Nose Job and Chin Surgery Together May Offer Better Results

Andrew | April 8, 2013 | Posted in Rhinoplasty Surgery

For those considering a nose job in NYC, results might be more satisfying if the rhinoplasty is combined with chin augmentation. Also referred to as genioplasty, chin enhancements allow for a more attractive facial profile and better stability than rhinoplasty (nose surgery) alone, a new study found. The research also discovered that the combination of procedures produced better results over the short term that continued for an extended period of time as well.

Italian study considers aesthetics, stability of results

The study was conducted by Dr. Dario Bertossi, an associate professor at the University of Verona, and his associates. Dr. Bertossi found that because there is a strong relationship between the nose and chin in the overall appearance of the facial profile, addressing both of these areas at one time could result in a more “aesthetically proportionate” face. This may be especially true for patients who want to enhance an unusually small or recessed chin.

“We can for sure improve facial profile with stable results with rhinoplasty alone,” Dr. Bertossi wrote in his results. “But the association with genioplasty is fundamental and necessary to achieve the best aesthetic result.”

Dr. Bertossi and his colleagues looked at 90 patients who had both their noses and chins reshaped simultaneously by a reputable plastic surgeon between 2002 and 2004. Researchers followed those patients for three years after their surgical procedure to evaluate their overall satisfaction with their results. Researchers evaluated patient satisfaction with the procedures, as well as the stability of the results over the long term.

The scientists found that more than half of the patients who underwent chin augmentation had a stable profile three years after surgery. Results tended to be slightly better for patients who had bone remodeling surgery on the chin, rather than the addition of a chin implant.

The results of the study were recently published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. In the conclusion of the study, Dr. Bertossi states, “The combined approach in correcting the facial profile is an effective procedure to achieve a more harmonic and consistent clinical outcome.”

Cosmetic surgeons agree with combination chin augmentation, rhinoplasty NYC

Cosmetic surgeons tend to agree with the idea of combining a nose job in NYC with chin enhancement surgery. By performing both procedures at one time, patients can save money on the entire procedure. The time to perform the surgeries is also reduced, leaving less time for the patient to experience the effects of anesthesia. Patients have just one recovery period, instead of two, meaning less time off work and away from regular activities. Physicians also agree that the overall results can be more satisfying when both features are addressed at once.

Thinking about a nose job in NYC?

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